International Women’s Day: Our Favorite Messages on TikTok and Instagram

A Girls Guide To Cars | International Women'S Day: Our Favorite Messages On Tiktok And Instagram - Featured 3

Who Knew Auto Makers were Creating International Women’s Day Content and Campaigns?

I was scrolling my TikTok FYP (For You Page) on International Women’s Day, March 8, not thinking about the fact that it was International Women’s Day, when I came upon a TikTok from Mercedes-Benz. I stopped to watch, because it was a woman race car driver talking. I watched the entire video and was impressed by the message: “One of Many.” So I curiously opened Instagram to see if they were posting the same content over there.

Sure enough, Mercedes-Benz’s had nine posts (yes, NINE) on their Instagram feed that promoted their One of Many campaign and had all been posted that same day. All of the posts and videos center around the One of Many message meaning that there should be many female race car drivers, engineers, females in STEM careers, and more. That being a female in these roles should not be remarkable, but a completely boring fact.¬†Color me impressed. I highly encourage you to go watch these videos on Mercedes-Benz Instagram.

This got me thinking, were other car brands on board with creating content or campaigns solely for IWD or Women’s History Month?

I then scoured Instagram, because not all car makers are on TikTok yet, I figured Insta was the place to check first, and searched for all the auto makers North American, Global and Canadian handles searching for IWD content.

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A post shared by Mercedes-Benz (@mercedesbenz)


Here’s What I Found (Spoiler Alert: I was a bit Disappointed)

Hyundai Global posted a cute cartoon video and Story linking to a Spotify playlist. It’s cute but I feel like instead of cartoon women, they could have created content with real women.


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The playlist isn’t bad either, and of course all the artists are women:…

Ford Introduces a Men’s Only Edition of the Ford Explorer

When I first clicked on the Instagram Reel, I was a confused but quickly realized it was satire and enjoyed their play on IWD content. The Men’s Only Edition of the Ford Explorer comes with NO windshield wipers, rearview mirror, navigation, or turn signals, because of course men don’t need those things to drive safely. Just kidding, that’s not it. The Men’s Only Editon of the Explorer is missing those things because those are all designed by women. I thought this was pretty clever.


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GM Canada made a Nice Reel Featuring some of their Female Employees


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Porsche Canada Is Dedicating a Month of Content


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A post shared by Porsche Canada (@porschecanada)

A few Other Instagram Accounts Posted a Single Photo (yawn) in honor of International Women’s Day

While the following posts were singular and underwhelming, kudos to these brands for atleast acknowledging International Women’s Day as from what I could tell, all of the auto makers not mentioned in this post ignored it altogether. A bit of a shame if you ask me.

VW Canada:


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A post shared by Volkswagen Canada (@vwcanada)

Porsche USA:


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Nissan Canada:


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A post shared by Nissan Canada (@nissancanada)

Kia USA:


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A post shared by Kia America (@kiausa)

So Whose had the Best International Women’s Day Messages?

For me, the winner in all of this is the reason I pursued this information in the first place: Mercedes-Benz One of Many campaign is simply amazing. Cheers to women everywhere this month. Happy Women’s History Month!

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