Holiday Car Decorations Inspiration…From My Jeep Community!

Holiday Car Decorating Inspiration...from My Jeep Community!
Donna Marie Hawley

Decorating my car started at a young age for me and my family.

We decorated my dad’s car for his 40th birthday, which I thought was a good idea. However, his ride home was interrupted by a small-town policeman stopping him to wish him a happy birthday, and asking him to remove the streamers. Now people decorate their vehicles for every holiday, especially Christmas. I think that decorating your vehicle for the holidays has become a great way to show your personal style in another way than just decorating your home. It’s a way to take that personal touch on the road with you.

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Holiday Car Decorating Inspiration...from My Jeep Community!

Look at all those lights! Photo: Scott Phelps

And the Holidays Bring Out Die Hard Decorators, My Jeep Community Among Them

There are the people that really go all out decorating their vehicles for Christmas and getting into the holiday spirit, especially in the Jeep community. There are even holiday parades where the Jeepers get awards for the best Christmas car decorations. I decided to decorate my Jeep this year, and I don’t mean just putting a bow or a red nose and car antlers on the front of your car like last year. I went all out this year, or at least I thought I did. After seeing some of the Jeeps in my Jeep group, I still have some work to do.

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Holiday Car Decorating Inspiration...from My Jeep Community!

Love my wreath and stickers. Photo: Adeina Anderson

How To Decorate Your Vehicle

I started with fake Christmas lights on the side panels of the Jeep. Then I created a Christmas wreath on the back of my Jeep. I realized this was just the beginning. It’s amazing how many products are out there to decorate your vehicle. There are tire rim lights and Christmas decorations that stick to the back window and side windows. I plan on putting a Christmas tree to go with the Santa Claus I have on the back too.

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Light Up Your For Your Vehicle For The Holidays

Some of the Jeeps in the group even have Christmas lights that actually light up. They use battery-powered lights and adhere them with zip ties and suction cups. Some of them even do vehicle modifications to add round lights to the spare tire rack in the back. I planned to add those lights to my Christmas wreath until I saw I had to cut into the Jeep’s wires. After a little looking around, I found this one that plugs into a 12v battery port instead.

Holiday Car Decorating Inspiration...from My Jeep Community!

How fun are these magnetic lights? Photo: Adeina Anderson

Fake Light Or Real Lights

There are a few different ways to light up your vehicle for the holidays. Just be sure that you can still see out the rearview mirror, and don’t cover up your license plate. The “fake” lights I used are just reflective stickers. But after talking with my Jeepers, I learned that there are so many other ways to light them up. The most popular place to put real lights is the front windows, the back windows, and all down the side of the vehicle and the front grille. They used outdoor use lights and zip ties. Some of them even used rubber suction cups that stick great to the vehicles, though I don’t know how great they are in the snow and rain.

Holiday Car Decorations don’t have to Break the Bank

Whether you go all out on decorating your vehicle like some of us Jeep people or you just want a little red-nosed reindeer car, you can decorate without breaking the bank. A lot of the craft stores have great sales on holiday decorations, and you could even create your own reindeer ears and Rudolph nose.

Holiday Car Decorations for a Road Trip

If you want to share that Christmas spirit while on a road trip, then I would suggest keeping it simple. Share your holiday cheer inside the car with a warm blanket, and decorate your front seats with Christmas seat covers. You could also add a Christmas season-themed air freshener.

You don’t want to end up on Santa’s naughty list by having jingle bells or a reindeer nose fall off your car. The car stickers are great for long road trips and can be put on with minimal effort. Check the local laws and maybe even check with your car insurance provider to make sure it isn’t against the law where you are going to share your festive spirit.

Safety Tips When Decorating Your Jeep for the Holidays

Decorating the back of your car is probably the easiest and safest place to decorate. You also want to use LED lights, they are safer, and won’t affect oncoming traffic as badly. Be sure nothing sticks too far off of your vehicle, and make sure everything is tied down really well. You don’t want to be that person that has things flying off your vehicle and causing an accident. Whichever way you decide to share your Christmas cheer, be sure to have a Merry Christmas and I wish you Happy Holidays.

Holiday Car Decorating Inspiration...from My Jeep Community!

Don’t say it three times! Photo: Dawn Sparrow

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