What’s the Best Mother’s Day Gift? A Freshly Cleaned Car!

Bust Out The Elbow Grease And Give Mom A Gift She'Ll Love This Mother'S Day

Yes, Mommy wants a car detailing service for Mother’s Day (I sure hope the kids see this!).

Can you believe Mother’s Day is around the corner? I’m kind of excited to be able to enjoy this day since I’ve been working so much and I haven’t had any time to myself lately.  I would like to sit back and rest, but there’s always something to do that keeps me from fully relaxing. Often, it’s the state of my car!

This year I’m hinting a little “something” “something” along those lines. I have my own agenda for Mother’s Day: overhauling momma’s car, which I think is a pretty cool and unique gift to give a mom.

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The Best Mother'S Day Gift Is A Spotless Car That Will Have Mom Smiling All Month Long.

Get those seats shiny clean for Mom for Mother’s Day with complete detail of the inside and outside of her car. Photo: Pixabay

You See, I’m a Car Girl!

I love cars and I really love it when my car is prepped and ready for the summer. But don’t look for me to do it–heck no! I leave that task to my husband. I like car washes for the same reason I like hotel housekeepers: They do the jobs I don’t love doing.  I don’t like doing anything that has to do with the upkeep of my car; just give me the keys when you’re done and off I go into the sunset!

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A Girls Guide To Cars | What'S The Best Mother’s Day Gift? A Freshly Cleaned Car! - Hoping The Kids See This Post And Give Me Something I Can Really Use This Mothers Day. Photo Lisa Charleston

Hoping the kids see this post and give me something I can really use this Mother’s Day: A clean car! ?Lisa Charleston

A Clean and Maintained Car is the Best Mother’s Day Gift

Since the winter season is over I know my car is way overdue for some TLC! It’s time for my Buick Regal to have an overhaul including:

  • Oil changed
  • Tires rotated
  • Interior cleaned and detailed
  • Exterior wash and waxed
  • Trunk cleaned out and organized
  • Carpets cleaned
  • New floor mats

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Best Mother'S Day Gift

See how dirty my floor is? My car needs some TLC and what better gift than having someone else do it! ?Lisa Charleston

How To Give Mom The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Getting Mom’s car cleaned and detailed this Mother’s Day is definitely a unique gift and one she’ll love. You can take her car to a professional to have it detailed –which can run $100 and up– or you can do the work yourself. While you can do this at home, many gas stations have powerful vacuums, wipes, and other supplies that can make the job and easy a one-stop process.

Our car detailing checklist:

  • Remove everything from the car including inside the console, the trunk, cargo area, and door pockets
  • Remove the floor mats and vacuum, wipe or rinse
  • Vacuum thoroughly including between the seats, in the seatbelt pockets, under the floor mats and the trunk or cargo space
  • Spot clean carpets where needed
  • Wipe down all the hard surfaces including the dashboard, center console, cup holders. Get into the crevices around the infotainment system, speakers, air conditioning vents and cup holders
  • Don’t forget to wipe down the door panels and door jambs! These can get quite grimy over the winter
  • Wipe down the seats including the seatbacks and sides; be sure to use a cleaner that is intended for the seats in her car, whether they are leather, pleather or cloth
  • Clean the windows and mirrors with a good streak-free window cleaner; be sure to look carefully for streaks!
  • Wash and dry the exterior being careful to get spots that car washes can often miss, including lower side panels and the back of the car
  • Clean those wheels! They pick up a lot of dirt and can ruin the look of a pretty car
  • Replace everything you took out of her car and put it back where you found it, though you might organize a bit more, adding a bin to hold loose items or a few additional reusable shopping bags
  • Add a bit of fresh air to her car: Saturate a couple of cotton balls with her favorite room diffuser fragrance and place them under the front seats, or pop a couple of dryer sheets under the seats. You can also clip a Febreze car freshener to one of the air conditioning vents

You might also take her car for an oil change and tire rotation. Be sure to check when this was last done; if it’s not due for a while perhaps give her a “coupon” to take her car for service when it’s time.

Whichever way you choose, this is a gift that will forever have mom smiling and driving off in style with a clean car ensuring your place as mom’s favorite!

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