Car Safety: Major Improvements

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State Farm Looks at Car Safety

If you have driven a new car lately, you have likely experienced a few innovations in car safety. Rear view cameras, also known as back-up cameras, offer drivers a much safer way to drive in reverse, seeing what’s behind them and avoiding horrible accidents.

As these cameras become standard, new drivers will cease to be amazed by them, just as a generation or two ago, drivers became accustomed to seat belts.

That’s right, seat belts. The belts weren’t even required until 1967 – and even then, not in convertibles. AND only in the front seats. Airbag requirements and child safety seat laws came even more recently.

These car safety tidbits and quirks are in aGood Neighbors report together by State Farm that looks at car safety over the years.

The timeline includes improvements like crash tests, mandated airbags and laws against driving while texting. And compared to traffic fatalities in 1974, Americans are half as likely to die in a car crash today.

With new car safety features like forward collision and side blind alerts lane, departure warnings adaptive cruise control and automatic collision prep, numbers should decrease further.


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