Ford Owners May Be Paying More For Gas

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Six Ford Models, From 2013-14 Have Their Mileage Rating Lowered

Gas prices may not be higher than summer 2013, but some Ford owners are paying more than they budgeted for in gas.

The Ford Motor Company lowered the mileage rating on four versions of the 2014 Ford Fiesta, the hybrid and plug-in hybrid 2013-14 C-Max and Ford Fusion and the hybrid 2013-14 Lincoln MKZ.

Last August, Detroit auto company downgraded the miles per gallon of the C-Max hybrid and offered buyers a refund of up to $550.

When we test drove the C-Max Energi hybrid last year we got less than expected gas mileage.

We also found less than advertised miles per gallon in a test drive of the Lincoln MKZ.

According to the New York Times, the cars’ mileage ratings will be reduced from one to seven miles per gallon. The MKZ has the largest cut, from 45 to 38 miles per gallon; this new efficiency is still quite remarkable for a midsize luxury car.

As in the 2013 Ford mileage downgrade, owners and leasers will get refunds; in this instance, from $125 to $1,

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