USED: 2019 Dodge Durango SRT Review: The Powerful, Fun to Drive SUV that the Entire Family Will Love

Dodge Durango Srt 2019
Photo by: Regina Sober

Have you ever jumped in a vehicle and immediately felt at ease?

That is how you’ll feel in the 2019 Dodge Durango SRT.  The Durango has the comforts of an SUV and the horsepower and truck feel that you have been looking for.  Inside find all the tech you need to keep the kids entertained on long trips.

On The Go With The Dodge Durango Srt

Check out these metal petals! Press the break, push a button and you are on your way! Photo by: Regina Sober

Who This Car Is For

  • Drivers with a need for speed
  • People who love loud, powerful vehicles
  • Families or couples with multiple children
  • People who haul trailers and boats
  • People who like adventure and travel
Hauling Dodge Durango Srt

Photo by: Regina Sober

What This Car Costs

  • The SXT (base model) starts at $30,195.
  • The Midrange Citadel model starts at $42,995
  • And, the SRT package, which brings a luxury interior and supercharged 475 horsepower V8 engine to this SUV, starts at $$62,995.
  • Price of the model we drove, including shipping: $74,445

The Dodge Durango SRT that we drove had all the bells and whistles.  The 6.4L V8 HEMI engine shifted flawlessly as we merged onto the highway, giving power and speed to blend quickly into traffic. We were able to let additional light in to the Durango with the sunroof open. With second and third rows that folded down we were able to haul everything from rugs, groceries to furniture. The kids found reasons we had to go into town to ‘flex’ and show off the cool ride . . . and we didn’t mind.

Hauling Dodge Durango Srt

Photo by: Regina Sober

Another Reason to Love SUVs: Space for What You Need to Haul

Running errands are  one of the reasons we love SUVs. Not only does the hip height, or the heights of the seats from the ground, make getting in and out easy and fast, but with 2nd and 3rd row seats that fold down, you can use the ample interior to transport everything from furniture to groceries.

Dvd System And Tech Dodge Durango Srt

Full on entertainment!  Perfect for those fun vacations and adventures with the family! Photo by: Regina Sober

Dodge Durango Srt Technology

Can you believe it!  Second row heated seats and no sharing the USB ports! Photo by: Regina Sober

Lots of Tech For The Entire Family

Technology is not lacking in the Durango.  There are enough charges and USBs to keep everyone happy.  Located in the back of the front row seats are DVD players.  Plug the headphones into the sides of the seats to watch your favorite movies.  There are even plug ins for your computer and other electronics in the back!

Family Features Dodge Durango Srt

Oh yes we did drop the kids off at school to show off this beautiful Durango–even adorned with the mud we ‘earned’ during our test drive! The Durango is a pretty nice cocoon for waiting for your kids to get out of school, and for driving home when you have it all to yourself. Photo by: Regina Sober

Make Heads Turn Wherever You Go

With a push of brake and the starter button, the Dodge Durango comes to life.  The rumble of the engine lets you know the V8 engine has some power behind the pipes.  It’s ready to tow your boat, trailer and take you on your next adventure. The Durango’s three rows of seats allow you to take the entire family wherever you need to go.  And in the model we test drove, the Octane red paint sparkled in the sun as you cruised down the road.

Dodge Durango Srt

From dropping the kids off to school to a early more coffee runs, the Durango made this family happy. Photo by: Regina Sober

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Power Windows Dodge Durango Srt

Photo by: Regina Sober

Second Row Seats Dodge Durango Srt

The second row provides a DVD Entertainment Center, heated seats, cup holders. All that is missing is popcorn and you! Photo by Regina Sober


Besides for the take-your-breath-away power under the hood with it’s V8 HEMI engine, this SUV was loaded out with a page full of features, a few of which really stand out:

  • Seats 7; seats 6 comfortably. Really.
  • Heated steering wheel. Easily the best feature ever invented.
  • Heated seats in the 1st and second rows, yes!
  • Power lift gate
  • Harman Kardon sound system with subwoofer
  • Rear DVD Entertainment enter
  • Leather wrapped steering wheel, gear shifter, and door trim panels
  • Keyless entry and push-button start
  • Park assist, back-up camera, blind spot, and rear-crossing detection and alerts
  • Adaptive cruise, automatic high beams, and rain-sensitive wipers
  • 8.4″ touch screen navigation and infotainment system
  • Eco, Sport, Track, and customizable drive modes
  • Easily put the 3rd row seats down from the rear of the vehicle (and put them back up)

What You Need to Know

  • The SRT version is Durango’s top of the line
  • That V8 engines costs you in MPG too: The SRT is estimated to get 13 MPG city/19MPG highway, vs the 293 horsepower V6, which gets 19MPG city/26 highway
  • Tow capacity 8,700 lbs
  • Second row USB port and household outlet are a $595 option
  • 3 year/36,000 mile basic warranty
  • 5 year/60,000 mile powertrain warranty
  • Uses regular gas

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Driving The Dodge Durango Srt

You will find a reason you want to get behind the wheel and drive every day! Photo by: Regina Sober

What We Listened To In The Dodge Durango SRT


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