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Regina makes excuses just to get in her van and drive. One of her happy places is driving on an open road with a tank of gas and great music to see what’s out there. She enjoys going off the beaten path, roadside attractions, boutique hotels and discovering good food along her travels. She also shares her adventures on her site, Eat Travel Life.

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Vw Vans We Love
May 21, 2023
The VW Bus brings emotion and memories, evoking the good old days. Thankfully the ID Buzz electric version is around the corner, stoking the love bug even more.
Car Problems
Photo: Regina Sober
December 22, 2022
Is your car sounding strange? Here’s what to listen for, what it may mean and when it’s time to head to the mechanic before you’re in real trouble
Dodge Durango Srt 2019
Photo by: Regina Sober
February 3, 2022
Need a SUV that check off all the boxes? See why the Dodge Durango SRT just may be the SUV that your entire family will love and want to drive.
Did You Know There Is A Best Lane Best Lane On The Highway
May 5, 2019
Are you making these 9 mistakes on the highway? There is a best lane on the highway– and a worst lane! Here’s what to consider to keep you moving.
Margery Dosey
December 7, 2018
Auto shows are all show and no pressure to buy, thanks to Margery Dosey, who started Productions Plus and revolutionized the auto show experience
The 2017 Ford Escape Titanium Looks Good On A Road Trip - Agirlsguidetocars
July 9, 2018
Whether it’s a day trip or a cross-country trek, be sure to check these 9 road trip tips off your to-do list before hitting the open road.
Why Buying A Suv Was The Right Fit For Our Family And May Work For You Too.
Photo: Regina Sober
June 20, 2018
When you want a sporty vehicle, but can’t commit to buying a van. See why buying a SUV was the right fit for our family and may work for you too.