Is Customizing Your Car For You? Drive Your Personality and Find Your Tribe

Does Your Car Match Your Personality
For vibrant personalities, the customized Hyundai Veloseter can't be beat. Photo: Scotty Reiss

Express yourself! 

A car’s color matters. The color may not drive it, but it sure makes it a lot more fun to drive. But, what does your car color or other customized features say about your personality? If you like to show off your personality, customizing your car might be for you. It was for me and for these ladies.

Customizing Your Car Ford Taurus And Dr. Who Tardis

Tardis meets Ford Taurus: The perfect Dr. Who paring?

Meet D’Arcy and Her Ford Tardis

D’Arcy is a Chicago Montessori teacher and mom to two pop culture-loving kids. She drives a Ford Tardis. No, that’s not a typo. She’s a huge Dr. Who fan and intentionally chose Tardis blue for her car. She’s got a whole time traveler theme in homage to the long-running BBC hit. A huge Dr. Who themed decal tops her back window. License plate frames declare “Bigger On The Inside,” “My Other Ride Is A Tardis” and “Police Public Call Box.”

A disgruntled state trooper who had never heard of Dr. Who pulled her over once. He thought she was impersonating a police officer and that her window sticker was illegal. She had to explain the Comic Con cult classic references. He was ultimately unable to find any infraction that would stick so he let her go. And, driving the Tardis-Mobile around she’s met other Dr. Who fans and made a lot of people smile.

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Does Your Car Match Your Personality?

The Nissan Rogue design with the Chicago Flag. Photo: NBC Chicago

The Chicago Flag Rogue That Matches My Handbag!

I was in the market for a new car a few years back, and found this gem at the Chicago Auto Show! It not only matched my purse, but my company logo too! Still, it was too over the top to drive on a daily basis. I went with the same make and model in my favorite color, Graphite Blue, instead. I don’t have a purse to match, but it frequently matches my nails. Most of all, it makes me happy whenever I see that cheerful, sparkling, bright blue waiting for me.

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Yes, Color Matters!

Now, I find the old stereotype that women only care about car color as cringeworthy as the next person! Most women I know are quite well informed before they purchase a car. We care very much about safety features, interior design, and what’s under the hood.

Sadly, that’s how I ended up driving cars that were white, pale blue, then burgundy for the first two decades of my driving life. I was never a big fan of any of those colors, but went for kind and condition of three used cars over color choice.

When I finally had the financial resources to buy a new car, you better believe color mattered to me. In fact, I bought my car a couple hours away in Wisconsin and had the dealer drive it down to Chicago so I could get exactly what I wanted.

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Does Your Car Help You Find Your Tribe? 

Back in my 20’s, I met lots of new friends because of the band stickers on my car. One of my favorite creative cars I’ve seen was a magnet word covered car in Portland, OR. People had a blast making their own moving poetry on it. We used to have an annual Art Car Parade in Chicago. The unique vehicles were over the top, with everything from painted masterpieces to a host of children’s toys covering every surface.

Your personal touches may be subtle, like a funky seat or steering wheel covers. Something fun hanging from the mirror or gracing the dashboard counts too. Or you may express yourself with humorous bumper stickers or find your tribe with window decals. If you have the drive to stand out in a crowded parking lot, there are limitless possibilities.

And limitless new friendships and unexpected adventures!

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