When a Hot New Car is Also a Fun Club Experience: Jetta Haus

Jetta Haus

VW wants you to love this little car as much as they do.

To share just how sleek, luxurious and sexy the all new VW Jetta is, Volkswagen has turned warehouses in NYC’s Brooklyn and LA’s Culver City into club scenes called Jetta Haus. Running through May 20th, Jetta Haus invites consumers to walk though larger than life experiences that show what owning a Jetta is really like. Come in, grab a selfie, customize a Jetta, enjoy the beats of a famous DJ and take a drive in the new Jetta.

Guests will see the newly redesigned sedan, from its sleek lines to premium details to a perfectly sound proof cabin, and that the 2019 Volkswagen Jetta could be the perfect car buyers seeking sublime at under $25,000.

Jetta Haus has lined up a host of experiences to demonstrate these details, including the opportunity to ride and drive through local streets to see how the car drives and experience the car’s features first hand.

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With the New Jetta, Personalization is Everything

2019 Jetta

At the Jetta Haus, color in the white to help make a one-of-a-kind Jetta. Photo: Cameron Reiss

One of the best features in the Jetta is the ability to make it your own. Owners can create different driving profiles: each driver can create their own personal touches just by having their preferences stored in the key fob. With four profile slots available, each driver can set different aspects of the car, from ambient lighting color to favorite radio stations to the what is displayed in the driver’s information cluster.

The ambient lighting color choices really wowed us; with 10 different color options, from sexy reds to flashy pinks and blues, each color lets you define your driving mood. But we also love that that mood can be enhanced by a Beats sound system and a panoramic sun roof. 

See what else we love about the 2019 Volkswagen Jetta

To get the feel of personalization, guests are invited to grab a marker and put their stamp on the Jetta on display; it’s wrapped in black and white coloring vinyl on which guests can get expressive.

Feel the Torque. Be the Torque

One of the coolest activities at the Jetta Haus is the ability to see what torque really is. At the push of a button the engine revs up and with its force you feel the wind in your hair and on your face. That is the magic of torque: power of the engine to make you feel like that. Volkswagen’s torque experience lets guests push a start button–the same one on the Jetta– and a wall of fans rush air through a forest of streamers; it’s the wind in your hair that makes us love torque.

Where Can I See the 2019 Jetta?

2019 Jetta

The dates for the 2018 Jetta Haus in New York and LA this weekend. Photo: Jettahaus.com

Jetta Haus is not just a great place to see the Jetta and try out its great technology, but also to take a test drive. After signing a waiver you can grab the keys and take a spin around the block to get the full feel of this sublime little sedan. 

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