You Need to Hear This: A Concert Quality Car Stereo, From Acura and Grammy Winner Elliot Scheiner

A Girls Guide To Cars | You Need To Hear This: A Concert Quality Car Stereo, From Acura And Grammy Winner Elliot Scheiner - Acura Rdx Audio System Featured Image

Your car is the perfect place to listen to music, right? A premium car sound system should be just as perfect.

Elliot Scheiner was mixing an album for the Foo Fighters and needed the band to listen to the tracks he was working on. But he was on one side of LA and they were on the other. Trying to get everyone into the studio was proving to be a challenge.

So, he loaded the files onto a USB drive and sent it over in an Acura. Then, he asked them to listen to it. In the Acura.

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A Car as Sound Studio? Elliot Thought it Was a Brilliant Idea, and He Wasn’t Alone

After all, what better environment: the placement of speakers, the hard and soft materials and being surrounded by sound. It can sound like the back up singers are behind you and the guitarist is right next to you.

16 years ago Elliot, a Grammy-winning music producer, suggested the idea to Panasonic, his production equipment partner. They loved it. So they started talking to car companies. Literally every one turned them away. Then, a year later, Elliot got a call from Panasonic: Acura wanted to hear the idea. In 2004 the ELS Surround Premium sound system was born and became the exclusive high end sound in Acura models.

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Elliot Scheiner Acura Car Stereo

Elliot Scheiner, right, with Dave Russell (left) and Roger Nichols (center) accepting a Grammy Award for work with Steely Dan. Photo: Scott Gries/Image Direct for

Meet Elliot Scheiner and His Gaggle of Grammys

What better master chef to have behind the sound in your car than the producer behind Grammy-award winning albums from Beyoncé, Eric Clapton and Steely Dan? As a producer who’s worked with Van Morrison, the Foo Fighters, the Eagles, Faith Hill and Aerosmith, Elliot appreciates the full range of artistry that a car buyers demand.

Elliot has won 8 Grammys and been nominated for 25 for his work producing music, from studio work to live albums to movie soundtracks. What he loves to do most is capture an artist’s true sound so the listener can feel what it’s like to be part of the music, right there with the artist as it’s happening.

As if Bonne Raitt is crooning her soulful strains just for you.

As if Van Morrison is plucking his guitar strings purely for your delight.

As if Marvin Gaye is right next to you, lifting your soul with his magical voice.

Achieving this in a car should be natural, but it’s not always executed well. But Elliot knew he could do it; after all, you’re surrounded by speakers in an enclosed space. By focusing on directing the quality of mechanics and the path of sounds through the car stereo, Elliot creates the perfect sounds and is immensely proud of the sound that Acuras can produce.

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Acura Rdx Els Premium Car Stereo

Elliot Scheiner with the new Acura RDX. Photo: ELS Surround Premium Sound

This is Elliot’s Ideal Playlist

During our test drive of the Acura RDX we listened to a definitive playlist put together by Elliot. It represents the vast spectrum of musical genres and sounds that the ELS Surround Premium sound system produces, no matter your taste. This is just part of his list (our favorites, of course!).

What Does Elliot Listen to in the Car?

Whatever he’s working on now. Currently, he’s finishing a live album by Phish from their 13 day stint at Madison Square Garden. And then, it’ll be on to the next project.

The car, it turns out, is a favorite place for even the most accomplished musicians to listen to music, especially when it is perfectly reproduced. The Foo Fighters Dave Grohl agrees. After listening to the tracks Elliot sent over in the Acura, he approved so much so that he bought the car.

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