The Best Car Sound Systems In Today’s Cars

Sound Systems
Harman Kardon Facility, (Photo taken by professional on-site photographer)

Hey all you audiophiles. Let’s discuss one of my favorite topics, audio sound systems.

I have driven my fair share of vehicles, and one of the first things I look for when purchasing is yep, you guessed it, a car’s audio system. If it doesn’t have that crisp, clear sound and can hold the bass a girl needs, then I will pass. Sorry (not sorry).

The audio sound in vehicles has come such a long way from when I grew up in the *Cough*. I remember there were only one or two that anyone ever really raved over. Well that is definitely no longer the case. There are several brands that make spectacular sound systems, and the best part about it is they come equipped in what is considered standard vehicles.

Here are a few faves that I have had the pleasure of getting up close and personal with on more than one occasion.

Alright peeps, let’s get started…

Harman Kardon: This Legendary Sound Company is Innovating the Future

Sound Systems

Inside Harman Kardon Facility. Photo: Dawn Gibson-Thigpen

Like I always say, “there are only a few sound systems that can actually keep me listening to songs that I claim to not like, or that will keep me from going stir crazy while sitting in South Florida traffic, and one of those is the Harman!”

When I first had the pleasure of experiencing the Harman Kardon sound, I thought I had died and gone to audio heaven. The system is truly extraordinary! This brand sets itself apart from the competition by offering crisp, super clean and harmonious sound, making your listing experience truly INCREDIBLE.

You can find the Harman Kardon audio system in Kia, BMW, the 2018 Ford EcoSport to name  a few. 

BEST FOR: A mixture of Rap, R&B, Neo Soul, Smooth Jazz

Fender: From the Famous Rock Guitar Brand, a Great Sound System

Sound Systems

Inside the 2016 VW Beetle Dune. Photo: Dawn Gibson-Thigpen

To be completely honest, I had never heard of the Fender brand until a few years ago when I test drove the 2016 VW Beetle Dune. When I initially heard it, my thought was, “Ahhh I have found the rebel.” Why do I call it the rebel? Well this audio system made me feel like I was in the actual studio with Tupac, Gwen Stefani and Nirvana. Talk about an audio system that is not phased by hard core bass and extremely loud guitar runs! Yass! Thinking about it gives me LIFE!

The Fender audio system is exclusive to VW.

BEST FOR: Rock ‘n’ Roll, Rap; anything Tupac and Pop; anything early Gwen Stefani


Sound Systems

Bose Speaker inside Mazda i Grand Touring 4-Door Sedan. Photo: Dawn Gibson-Thigpen

The Bose sound is hip and robust, and in my opinion it sounds good EVERYWHERE, in EVERYTHING and pleases pretty much EVERYONE, including myself. Meaning the brand sounds exceptional in the car, in the home, and in larger arenas like concerts. When I am in a vehicle that comes equipped with a Bose system, I have found that all genres of music sound excellent.

You can find the Bose audio system in Mazda, Buick, Infiniti, GMC, Audi, Porsche to name a few.

BEST  FOR: Everyone and Everything

Revel: Only the Best in a True Luxury Car

Sound Systems

Revel Speaker inside Lincoln MKX. Photo: Dawn Gibson-Thigpen

Although there is nothing standard about Lincoln, I felt I would be remiss if I didn’t discuss Revel. I remember it like it was yesterday, I opened my email and there it was, my first invite from Lincoln. Needless to say at that very moment I felt like I have arrived. I also felt like I needed to go out and purchase a pink boa and Diana Ross wig. Yasss girl yasss! However, after I came to my senses, I knew that was way to much and I decided to just buy a new dress. ????

On the day of the event I was ecstatic, and as I walked in I heard this exquisite sound coming from the MKZ. I slowly walked over to the vehicle,  stood there and instantly connected with the magical sound. #Thefeelingstays!

Yes, the Revel sound system is STELLAR and yes, it is definitely a force, but it is truly MORE than that! It is intimate, it is warm, it makes you feel alive!! I have yet to come across a system that can compare to the crisp and clear sound that oozes from these speakers.

I am not sure why I was surprised when I originally heard it, considering it was developed by Harman Kardon.

You can find the Revel sound system in the Lincoln.

BEST FOR: Jazz, blues and R&B

No Matter the System, Own Your Style

These four sound systems all bring more than their fair share to the table, and in my opinion are superior in more ways than one. When choosing your sound, all I can say is own your style and then it should be extremely easy.

Here is what I love to listen to in the car, and what sounds great on all these sound systems:

What do you love to listen to in the car and which sound system do you love most? Inquiring minds would love to know!

Have A Happy Healthy, and Remember to Always…Stay Sassy!

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