10 Super Bowl LVI Commercials That Will Keep You Laughing + 1 Honorable Mention

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It’s always the question: Which will be better, the game or the ads?

Every year, a new set of clever, creative and funny car ads are shown on Super Bowl Sunday. Many companies put a not-so-small fortune into purchasing these ads– $6.5 million per :30 second slot. The game-day car commercials often give viewers a good giggle or even a few laugh-out-loud moments. Some years, these ads are more entertaining than the big game itself. What’s it gonna be this year? While we can’t make that prediction, we’ve scouted out some of the funniest car commercials for the Super Bowl this year. A few of the ads below are still in the “teaser” phase, so they give you something to look forward to on Sunday.

BMW: Zeus and Hera

BMW’s Super Bowl car commercial focuses on the all-electric BMW iX. Arnold Schwarzenegger plays Zeus, and Salma Hayek plays his wife, Hera. The couple decides to retire in Palm Springs and Zeus uses his electric powers in a variety of ways.


GM: EV Meets Evil

In this teaser for the Super Bowl commercial, Dr. Evil and friends from the Austin Powers movies are back, and they want to challenge GM and their Electic Vehicles. We don’t know much about the full commercial, but it’s bound to be good with this all-star cast featuring Mike Myers as Doctor Evil, Mindy Sterling as Frau Farbissna, Seth Green as Scott Evil, and Rob Lowe as Number Two — what’s not to love?

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Carvana: Talk, talk, talk

While not about a specific car brand, we just had to share this Carvana commercial. An over-sharing mom can’t stop sharing her Carvana experience with everyone, and we mean EVERYONE. They certainly drive the message home in this entertaining ad.


Nissan: Thrill Driver

Humble Eugene Levy turns into Thrill Driver when Brie Larson gives him the keys to her All-New 2023 Nissan Z. The adventure continues when Danai Gurira and Dave Bautista decide to chase Thrill Driver. No more spoilers until you watch it for yourself.

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Hyundai: History of Evolution

In case you haven’t seen it, Hyundai launched this commercial during the playoffs and will continue leading up to the big game. The commercial introduces the new Hyundai Ioniq 5, via a trip through human history starring Jason Bateman


Vroom: Flake the Musical

I’d say this commercial is more silly than funny, but if you liked movies like La La Land, you’ll get a kick out of it.


Kia: Robo Dog

This ad might not be that funny, but you just can’t resist the cuteness of Robo Dog as he or she tries to catch up with the Kia EV6. This is another one that we don’t want to spoil. You just have to watch it.

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Toyota: Brothers

You probably wouldn’t expect a car commercial to be a tear-jerker, but this one might have you grabbing a tissue. Toyota presents the story of Brian and Robin McKeever, brothers who became teammates in order to overcome obstacles and make dreams come true.


Chevrolet: Walter in Winter

This commercial started running this week and will run during the Super Bowl this year. We just can’t get enough of Walter the cat and his amazing abilities.

BMW: Reflection of Luxury

This commercial is likely the most glamorous of the Super Bowl. Featuring reflective mirrors, special effects, and actors that look like super spies. BMW introduces the 8 series as a “mystical beauty with a re-imagined exterior, upgraded to create a new icon.” If I won the lottery, this one would definitely be on my list.

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Honorable Mention: PepsiCo – Road to the Superbowl

This one is a stretch for being a car commercial for the Super Bowl, but it does feature a bus and it’s one of my favorite commercials for the Super Bowl this year. Join Eli Manning, Peyton Manning, Jerome Bettis, Terry Bradshaw, Victor Cruz, and all their favorite Pepsi drinks and Frito-Lay snacks as they road trip their way to Super Bowl LVI.

The big game itself may be hard to beat the incredible playoffs of 2022. We’ll have to wait and see if the Super Bowl commercials will be more entertaining than the plays on the field. Get ready!

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