Buick Reveals the Wildcat Concept Car and Plans To Go All Electric

Buick Wildcat Ev Concept Featured Image
Buick Wildcat EV Concept Featured Image

Buick commits to going all-electric by 2030 and unveils a cutting-edge concept with a storied pedigree.

In a grand unveiling, Buick announced not only a shiny new EV concept, the Wildcat, but also an invigorating brand redesign. This new vision embraces sophistication and modernity and means Buick is committing to a full battery electric lineup by 2030. This redesign encompasses a new color palette, typography, and an electric-car-focused automotive design language. Included in this historic transformation, Buick clarified that the term “Electra” will be the global naming for their electric cars and will be expanded upon with alphanumeric additions to denote vehicle type and size.

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Front Of The Buick Wildcat Ev. Photo: Buick

Front of the Buick Wildcat EV. Photo: Buick

Where Have All the Sedans Gone?

Unfortunately, you’ll have to keep waiting if you’ve been hoping to see something other than an SUV from Buick in North America. Though their dazzling concept is a coupe, and they mention their first EV coming in 2024, they seem committed to the SUV body style for the time being. In China, they announced five new electric cars by 2025 and a similar all-electric timeline. Hopefully, we will start seeing more options in the US market too.

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Buick Wildcat Ev Forward Cabin. Photo: Buick

Buick Wildcat EV Forward Cabin. Photo: Buick

How Conceptual is the Buick Wildcat Concept?

Although the Buick Wildcat is a model with an iconic past, Buick was clear that their Wildcat EV Concept embodies the aesthetics of their brand redesign going forward. Previously, the 1950s saw a slew of Buick Wildcat concept cars. The 1960s brought full-size Wildcat sedans. Today, we get the Wildcat Electric Car. However, Buick actually has no plans to bring this exact concept to reality.

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New Buick Logo &Amp; Through The Ages. Photo: Buick

New Buick Logo & Through the Ages. Photo: Buick

A New Logo for a New Era

The Buick Wildcat Concept features the brand new Buick logo that will be on all new designs. The Wildcat electric car is an aerodynamic coupe with a sweeping wrap-around windshield, and a low-mounted grill contrasted by high-mounted checkmark headlights. Additionally, the wide form looks like it would grip the ground like a Wildcat, and its powerful curves embody the ferocity of its namesake.

The micro-LED headlights welcome you with a personalized wake-up animation. We don’t actually know yet how you could personalize it.  However, if I could make my car wink at me when I walk over to it, then I’d be pretty happy about that!

Buick Wildcat Ev Headlights. Photo: Buick

Buick Wildcat EV Headlights. Photo: Buick

The sloping arc of the roofline points your eye to the rear of the car. Seamlessly, they’ve embedded the Buick Wildcat’s tail lights high above an illuminated Wildcat logo. Additionally, Buick stated there will be “an external state of charge indicator visible in the exterior hatchback glass.” This is a similar beloved feature seen in other EV’s such as the VW ID.4 and the Rivian R1T, to name a few.

Buick Wildcat Ev Rear. Photo: Buick

Buick Wildcat EV Rear. Photo: Buick

The Buick Wildcat’s Clean, Simple Interior Screams “Electric Car”

The interior of the vehicle is a clean, modern cabin with open floor space, crisp lighting, and clear balance and harmony, as was Buick’s stated intention. A detached center console and floating headrests create an almost futuristic look. Heavy side bolstering hints at a well-cushioned ride.

Buick Wildcat Ev Forward Cabin. Photo: Buick

Buick Wildcat EV Forward Cabin. Photo: Buick

Cool Technology in the Buick Wildcat Concept

Appearing to combine instrument cluster and multimedia system, the Wildcat EV concept features biometric technology like breathing, blood pressure, and heart rate and advanced artificial intelligence. Buick mentions modes like Zen mode, which adjusts the lighting, temperature, and audio settings to stress reduction and relaxing settings. I imagine that would be a nice feature when stuck in heavy traffic.

Buick Wildcat Ev Angled Cabin Left. Photo: Buick

Buick Wildcat EV Angled Cabin Left. Photo: Buick

Though Buick was clear that they are not bringing this concept car to life, I am excited to see the features they carry forward in their new Electra electric cars. I personally hope they proceed with the open cabin design, expansive screen that encompasses an instrument cluster, and external charging indicator.

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