13 of the Best Women’s Sneakers for Summer Road Trips

Ready to get your road trip kicks on Route 66? Here are the 13 great pairs of women's sneakers that rate highest in comfort, support, style, and versatility.

You Can'T Go Wrong With The Bright Pops Of Color On These Slip On Sorel Kicks.
You can't go wrong with the bright pops of color on these slip on Sorel kicks. Photo: Amazon

Every trip requires comfort, style, and versatility.

Shoes take up valuable real estate in a suitcase, so when packing my travel bag, I want to make sure that the shoes I select are comfortable and multi-functional for all my road trip needs. What makes the best sneakers for travel? Comfort, support, style, and versatility are what I’m looking for when packing for my road trip.

We all know that picking sneakers for travel can be a painful process. You want to be in the most comfortable women’s sneakers, but at the same time, you want to take cute photos and not look like a tourist. Lucky for you, we put together a list of the best sneakers for road trips! Whether you are looking for something to wear with dresses, leggings, athletic gear, or causal outfits, these women’s sneakers are perfect to make your outfit complete.

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Best Sneakers to Style with Dresses

The Adidas Superstars Women'S Sneakers Are As Fresh Now As It Was In 1986.

The Adidas Superstars is as fresh now as it was in 1986. Photo: Amazon

Adidas Superstars

As Run-D.M.C. once sang, “Me and my Adidas do the illest things.” These Adidas Superstars are just as stylish and versatile as they were back in 1986. Wear it with your favorite t-shirt dress and you’ll be looking like a superstar.

The Nike Court Legacy Features A Cushy Insole For Your Comfort. Photo: Amazon

The Nike Court Legacy features a cushy insole for your comfort. Photo: Amazon

Nike Court Legacy

Stylish women’s sneakers that everyone needs! A combination of classic style with a modern design will soon be your go-to shoe to style with dresses. It also features a plush foam insole for added comfort.

Simple And Elegant With Added Traction, This Is Why We Love The Cole Haan Grand Crosscourt.

Simple and elegant with added traction, this is why we love the Cole Haan Grand Crosscourt. Photo: Amazon

 Cole Haan Women’s Grand Crosscourt II

With its classic look, this sneaker never goes out of style. It comes in neutral and pastel colors to choose from. This sneaker has responsive cushioning for all-day walking and no slipping of the heel, lightweight with added traction on the sole. 

Classic Vans Slip On Sneakers Are Great For Long Drives And Casual Walks. Photo: Amazon

Classic Vans slip on sneakers are great for long drives and casual walks. Photo: Amazon

Vans Classic Slip Ons

Retro, hip and easy on and off, these are roomy and will let your

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Sporty Looks

Loving The Groovy 1970'S Vibe On These Nike Blazers.

We dig the groovy 1970’s vibe on these Nike Blazers. Photo: Amazon

 Blazer Mid ’77 High Top

Looking to be one of the cool kids? Then you need these sneakers! Can pair these with jeans or shorts for a hip look. With its old-school 70’s vibe, these sneakers give you the ultimate sporty look. 

The Lightweight Nature And Durability Of These New Balance 574S Is Perfect For Long Days Of Touring. Photo: Amazon

The lightweight nature and durability of these New Balance 574s is perfect for long days of touring. Photo: Amazon

New Balance 574 Core

For maximum support and comfort, while traveling, these New Balance kicks are the way to go. They are lightweight, have EVA foam cushioning around the midsole and heel, and are great for miles of walking. These are the best sneakers to pair with leggings to make a great all-day travel outfit or road trip.

The Nike Daybreak Is The All Star Of My Closet, They Match Everything!

The Nike Daybreak is the absolute all star of my closet. They match everything! Photo: Amazon

Nike Daybreak

These are my all-time favorite tennis shoes. I have 4 pairs and are my go-to for almost every outfit. They are incredibly comfortable, lightweight, and have great arch support. It has that cool retro look, with a variety of colors to choose from. 

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Women’s Sneakers for City Travel

Not Crazy About The Price Tag, But Wild About The Casual, Worn-In Look From Golden Goose.

Not crazy about the price tag, but wild about the casual, worn-in look from Golden Goose. Photo: Amazon

Golden Goose Superstar

Easy to wear slip-on look with multiple design options that will have you looking stylish for those city streets. These women’s sneakers come with a hefty price tag and have a worn-in look, but are worth that effortless style when traveling. A padded collar behind the ankle helps prevent blisters when walking for long periods. The GG Superstar has a wedge insole ad is removable if you aren’t wanting the extra boost in height. 

The Ecco Soft 7S Will Keep Your Feet Dry And Comfortable All Day. Photo: Amazon

The Ecco Soft 7s will keep your feet dry and comfortable all day. Photo: Amazon

Ecco Soft 7

A classic sneaker that can be styled with any outfit. The shoes offer great arch support, underfoot cushioning, and removable insoles. The Ecco Comfort Fibre System insole is designed to keep feet dry and comfortable for all-day walking. 

You Can'T Go Wrong With The Bright Pops Of Color On These Slip On Sorel Kicks.

You can’t go wrong with the bright pops of color on these slip-on Sorel kicks. Photo: Amazon

Sorel Kinetic Impact Lace

Be prepared for people to stop and ask you where you bought your fresh kicks. An easy slip-on sneaker that stays on tight with laces. They provide all-day comfort and arch support for those with high arches. This style has both neutral colors and bright designs to choose from.

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Hiking Shoes

Meant For Running And Hiking And They'Re Waterproof Too? Take My Money, Columbia.

Meant for running and hiking  – and they’re waterproof too? Take my money, Columbia. Photo: Amazon

Columbia Women’s Facet 60 Low

Made for hiking, running, and everything in between. I like these hiking shoes because they are stylish and can wear for other activities. They are waterproof and provide maximum support.

They'Re A Skinch Chunky, But These Altra Trail Runners Will Pamper Your Feet During A Long Day Of Hiking.

They’re a skinch chunky, but these Altra trail runners will pamper your feet during a long day of hiking. Photo: Amazon

ALTRA Women’s Olympus 5 Low GTX Trail Runner

These are a bit on the chunky side, which can make them difficult to pack if you only bring a small bag. However, your feet will thank you after a day of hiking. The cushioned sole allows for low-impact and plenty of traction while on the trails.  The lightweight, breathable material makes this a great everyday travel shoe, regardless if you are hitting the trails or not. 

The Cloud Venture From On Is Lightweight, Waterproof, And A Perfect Fit Right Out Of The Box.

The Cloudventure from On is lightweight, waterproof, and a perfect fit right out of the box. Photo: Amazon

ON Women’s Cloudventure

Lightweight, waterproof, and flexible sole that provides stability and traction. This is worth the hefty price tag knowing your feet will stay comfortable all day long. The best part is that these are comfortable right out of the box – no need to break them in before your first hike!

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