Keep Cool on the Road with the Best Portable Refrigerators For Cars

Keep drinks and snacks icy cold in our favorite portable refrigerators for cars - and even keep lasagna toasty in one that does double duty!

A Girls Guide To Cars | Keep Cool On The Road With The Best Portable Refrigerators For Cars - Wagantech Featured
We Love The Versatility Of The Icecool Cooler. Photo: @Iceco_Icecool Via Instagram
We love the versatility of the Icecool cooler. Photo: @iceco_icecool via Instagram

Once you’ve experienced a great plug-in refrigerator or cooler, you won’t go back.

We all know there’s nothing like heading out to the beach or family barbecue with a lukewarm six-pack. So whether you are planning a road trip or you just want to keep those drinks cool while driving, a plug-in cooler is the way to go! Plug-in coolers are a practical solution and so convenient with various models on the market. These mini portable refrigerators have become all the rage, and will change the way you pack your snacks.

Before we tell you our favorites, let’s talk about how they work….. say goodbye to bags of ice or frozen ice packs. These little gems are equipped with a plug that goes into your vehicle’s 12-to-24 volt accessory outlet. They run on a compressor that enables you to set a specific temperature for optimal cooling.

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Photo Of Iceco'S Plug-In Cooler. Photo: Iceco

Iceco’s plug-in cooler. Photo: Iceco

Here are some of our Favorite Plug-in Refrigerators:

‘Igloo’ has been making durable coolers since the late 60’s. The Igloo Thermoelectric Portable Cooler will hold up to 32 12-ounce cans and keep them chilled at 36°F. This cooler runs about $119.99.

Koozam makes the K-Box Electric Cooler and Warmer. It comes with two built-in cords for either a standard wall outlet or for car power adapters for indoor or outdoor use.  The 12V DC adapter cable is tucked away into a chamber built into the lid. This 48 quart cooler will hold 48 cans and maintains about 40°F. Cost of this one is $110.

The Iceco JP Pro Series (pictured at top) is truly a mobile refrigerator/freezer. It has a reversible lid that can open from the left, from the right or taken completely off. This cooler has a set of wheels for easy handling and a control panel that will show you the temperature of the unit. It comes with a free insulated cover and will set you back around $600.

The Bodega 12 Volt Car Refrigerator costs nearly $580 and features a dual zone that can cool or freeze. The Bodega holds 66 cans or 37 bottles of water. This quiet unit can be controlled wirelessly by using an app (for Android or iOS users) to keep your items cool. As an added bonus, the cooler also has a detachable cutting board for convenience. We love the 5 year warranty on the compressor and 1 year warranty on all other parts.

Picture Of A Soft-Sided Plug-In Cooler.
Keeping cool on the go is easier with a plug-in cooler! Photo: @koolatroncorp via Instagram

If you need something a little more simple that will collapse for easy storage, then look no further than the Koolatron Thermoelectric Cooler Bag. This is a soft-sided bag that holds up to 23 standard cans and will keep them at a cool 40°F. It is lightweight, easy to carry and has multiple pockets on the exterior so you don’t take up valuable cooler space. More good news,  this one runs under $100.

The Wagan Cooler Can Keep Things Cool Or Warm! Photo: @Wagantech Via Instagram
The Wagan cooler can keep things cool or warm! Photo: @wagantech via Instagram

Do you want a great device for the road that functions as a cooler OR a warmer?  Check out the Wagan Thermoelectric Cooler/Warmer. This unit will hold four 2-liter bottles or 27 cans. It will cool to 36°F in 30 minutes or heat up to 140°F. Cost for the Wagan cooler/warmer is around $120.

This Cooler Can Actually Freeze Items! Photo: @Astroai Via Instagram
This cooler can actually freeze items! Photo: @astroai via Instagram

The Astro AI 12V Car Refrigerator can be used as a fridge or freezer and is fast cooling. Use the digital panel to note that this car refrigerator cools in 15 minutes to 32°F (when empty) and will heat to 131°F. Complete with battery saving modes, this unit will hold 22 cans and cost around $270.

Your camping trips, road trips, and adventures needing cool beverages will get a hand with one of these refrigerators that are right for you!

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