10 of the Best Car Seat Covers To Upgrade Your Ride

The seats in our cars take a beating, but we can protect them and add a little style to the cabin with new car seat covers. These are our faves, from sporty to fancy.

Tesla Car Seat Covers
Tesla car seat covers. Photo: Amazon

Your car deserves a makeover, too.

I’ll never unsee the stain on my car’s front seat where my cat puked. Years ago. Despite all the scrubbing, that spot still looks a little darker than the rest of the seat. 

And I smile, with a little irony, at the spot on the back seat where *someone* sat on a red lollipop for an entire road trip. That’s a memory, and a stain, that I’ll never forget. 

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The seats in our cars go through a lot: dark rinse jeans, coffee spills, sweaty athletes, over-perfumed friends. And they can show it, absorbing the colors and fragrances. But a good seat cover can put a protective layer between the insults of daily driving and your car’s upholstery. 

Inexpensive, easy to install yourself and made of resilient materials, a fresh set of car seats can give your car a makeover that’ll lift your mood, too. Here are some of our favorites, from posh to sporty. 

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Isen-Cover Car Seat Covers
Isen-Cover Car seat Covers. Photo: Amazon

1. Crisp and Clean

There’s hardly a better look than crisp black and white; black panels high the ills of spills, while the white panels reflect light in the car and make everything look fresh and airy. Isen-Cover Auto Car seat cover $180

Caromop Bling Car Seat Covers
Caromop bling car seat covers. Photo: Amazon

2. Everyone Needs a Little Glam

Need a little bling in your life? These seats frame you in glitter, and you can pick from a variety of colors. Purple is nice, but so is white for eye-catching glint. Caromop bling car seat cover $58

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Shearling Car Seat Covers
Shearling car seat covers. Photo: Amazon

3. Like Uggs, But for Your Tush

When it’s flannel and pumpkin spice season there’s no better time to go old-school cozy with a sheepskin seat cover. This one comes in multiple colors and even has graphic prints to dress up your interior. LLB Sheepskin car seat cover $29

Tesla Car Seat Covers
Tesla car seat covers. Photo: Amazon

4. Dress Up Your Tesla

If your Tesla interior is looking a little tired, or if you’d just like to upgrade to white seats from black, Lozuz has you covered with these Tesla car seat covers for $270

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Pltcat Heated Car Seat Covers
PLTCAT heated car seat covers. Photo: Amazon

5. Butt Warmers For Two

These heated seat covers will let both you and your co-pilot ride in heated comfort. Or, buy two and treat your rear seat passengers, too. We really like these on long trips so you can keep the air in the car cool but keep your core temperature comfortable. PLTCAT heated car seat cover $53

Camo Seat Cover
Carhartt Camo seat cover for outdoor enthusiasts. Photo: Amazon

6. Live the Adventure Life Inside the Car, Too

Outdoor-loving drivers will love these camo seat covers. They are rugged and resilient and will protect your seats from mud, dirt and other elements. Carhartt Camo Seat Covers $79

Motor Trend Seat Covers
Motor Trend Seat Covers in Beige Faux Leather. Photo: Amazon

7. Add a Little Sport to Your Style

Made from microfiber leather for durable protection, this 4-piece set lets you treat rear seat passengers to a sporty seat, too. Motor Trend Faux Leather Seat Covers $30

Caterpillar Brand Seat Covers
Flexfit seat covers from Caterpillar. Photo: Amazon

8. Go Pro

These professional grade seat covers are great for the driver whose car – or truck – does double duty at dusty, muddy job sites. They not only refresh the look of your interior, they’ll protect it from what ever the cat drags in. Caterpillar Flexfit Automotive Seat Covers

Seat Covers
Speed Trend seat covers are a universal fit for most cars, trucks, and SUVs. Photo: Amazon

9. Racing Stripes for the Win

Racing stripes are a popular exterior detail, but now, bring them into the car’s cabin with these car seat covers. They fit for most cars, trucks, and SUVs and are waterproof and durable. Speed Trend car seat covers $60

Car Seat Cushion
Kingleting Memory Foam Cushion Photo: Amazon

10. These Car Seat Covers Get You

Is there anything better than memory foam for comfort? These seat covers will not only protect your upholstery, but support your lower back and help with good seat posture. A non-slip rubber back will help them to stay in place. Kingleting Car Seat cushion $47

At these prices, I might just buy a few and switch them out when the mood strikes. Happy shopping – and driving! 

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