18 Fun (and Effective) Car Accessories under $20

We all love accessories, and so do our cars! Here are 18 fun and effective car accessories for under $20 to make your car cuter, cleaner & safer.

This Trunk Organizer Will Keep Your Junk Collected. Photo: Home Depot
This trunk organizer will keep your junk collected. Photo: Home Depot

Jazz up Your Car without Breaking the Bank

Sometimes, I feel like I drive more of a garbage truck than a Toyota Corolla… and that’s putting it lightly. It seems like every time I promise myself I’m going to throw away that old fast food bag the next time I run inside, it slips my mind, and I’m off to the next adventure.

Then, before I know it, my co-workers ask me to drive to lunch, and I have to sheepishly apologize for any emotional trauma caused by the horrors they will find in the cup holders, floorboards, and back seat. Not to mention the potential physical trauma of riding in the passenger seat while I drive because no one has ever said that I’m the safest driver they know.

If this sounds relatable, here’s a list of fun car accessories under $20. They will keep your set of wheels smelling clean, looking cute, and, most importantly, feeling safe.

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Gel Pad Holding Phone, Keys, And Coins As Car Accessories Under $20

These gel pad car accessories hold phones, keys, and coins and can easily be moved. Photo: Amazon

Make Yourself Look More Put Together for $20 or Less

Get Organized for Anything

When you’re officially fed up with saying, “Where’s my *insert extremely important personal item here*” every single time you jump into the car, keep them all in one easy, accessible place with the DashGrip gel pads, which lets things cling to your dashboard. The mat is 42 square inches and is easily movable between cars without leaving a sticky residue – $8.32

A Girls Guide To Cars | 18 Fun (And Effective) Car Accessories Under $20 - Ss Trunk Organizer 2023 09 13 At 8.45.41 Pm

This trunk organizer will keep your junk collected. Photo: Home Depot

You Can Even Keep the Trunk Together!

Car accessories like this trunk organizer have two heavy-duty compartments and three side pockets to arrange all your groceries so that you never have to cry over spilled milk again – $12.33


Grey Steering Wheel Tray For Car Accessories Under $20

A steering wheel tray is great if you need a hard, flat surface in your car. Photo: Amazon

Multitask From the Driver’s Seat (While Parked, Please)

Become a multi-tasking queen with this steering wheel tray. One side provides a table for all your culinary needs, and the other a desk for your scholarly endeavors. Both sides are extremely useful; just don’t try to use it while driving – $12.99

A Girls Guide To Cars | 18 Fun (And Effective) Car Accessories Under $20 - Ss Glove Box Organizer 2023 09 13 At 8.47.55 Pm

This glove box organizer will help you find important papers if you need them. Photo: Amazon

Avoid Panic When the Police Come Knocking

Save yourself the panic attack and the frantic look of “I swear this is not a stolen car” next time that cop pulls you over for only going five mph over the speed limit, and you have absolutely no idea where the registration is. Keep it safe and sound with this glove box organizer  – $8.84

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Black Neck Pillow Placed On Seats For Car Accessories Under $20

Petite leather pillows are the perfect car accessories for a stylish drive. Photo: Amazon

Car Accessories that Make You Cuter

Take a Nap Without Mussing Your Hair

For road trips that have more “are we there yets” than pit stops, or when you just need to take a quick nap on your lunch break, get comfy with a leather car neck pillow.- $10.99

A Girls Guide To Cars | 18 Fun (And Effective) Car Accessories Under $20 - Ss Gear Shift Cover2023 09 13 At 8.49.33 PmYour Car Wants to Look Cute, Too

 Give your car that certain Katy Perry quality that it’s missing but absolutely needs with these matching wheel, hand brake, and gear shift covers. Not only are they cute, but they also protect your hands from being scalded in the summertime – $13.99


Wireless Bluetooth Player Connecting To A Phone

It’s Possible to Sound Cuter, Too

Be ready for a flash mob anywhere at any time with this wireless Bluetooth music player. Or, you know, if you don’t have flash mobs every day like I do, it also supports hands-free calls and GPS voice navigation, and charges your phone – $15.99

A Girls Guide To Cars | 18 Fun (And Effective) Car Accessories Under $20 - Ss Fix A Flat 2023 09 13 At 8.50.23 Pm

Fix-a-Flat, because I think we’ve all been there. Photo: Amazon

Car Accessories Under $20 That Keep You Safer

Who Needs a Boyfriend Now?

Never find yourself stranded on the side of the road calling every friend you’ve ever had and that guy you only went on one date with. Save yourself the awkwardness with this Fix-a-Flat. It can inflate a tire and seal most punctures in seconds – $5.72.

A Girls Guide To Cars | 18 Fun (And Effective) Car Accessories Under $20 - Ss Blind Spot Mirrors2023 09 13 At 8.50.49 Pm

Blind spot mirrors are inexpensive and can help keep you safe on the road. Photo: Amazon

Avoid Those Icky Too-Close Moments

For those times when you’re in an exit-only lane on the highway, and you were too busy singing along to Rihanna to pay attention to the signs until the last minute, switch lanes safely, and avoid accidents with this helpful blind spot mirror. These car accessories are 2” mirrors, are easy to install and are adjustable by 360 degrees – $6.63

Red Digital Tire Gage Displaying An Example Pressure Of 35.0

We are in the digital age; why not have a digital tire gauge? Photo: Amazon

Take Control of Your Tires

When your nosy neighbor who means well points out that your front driver’s side tire looks a little flat, stay cool under pressure and make sure your tires are ready to roll with this digital tire gauge . The digital display instantly shows the reading for quick and accurate measurements of your tire’s pressure – $10.79


Yellow Window Breaker Key With Black Details

Window breakers that double as your keychain are perfect car accessories. Photo: Amazon

Become an Escape Artist

Feel like an undercover spy with this keychain that doubles as a car escape tool for an easy escape from worst-case scenarios. It comes equipped with a seat belt cutter and a window breaker, and it comes in different colors, too – $10.95

A Girls Guide To Cars | 18 Fun (And Effective) Car Accessories Under $20 - Ss Headlight Restoration 2023 09 13 At 8.52.42 Pm

Are your headlights a bit dulled from your commutes? Try restoring them with this kit. Photo: Amazon

Shine Brighter Than You Thought Possible

Keep your headlights shining brighter than your middle school smile after you got your braces off with a headlight restoration kit. Cleansing the headlight lens, this kit allows the lights to shine vibrantly and keeps your car looking brand new. And the best part? It can all be done by hand, no tools required – $15.99

Black Dashboard Camera Recording The Road

Stealthy car accessories like this dashboard cam will record the road and any hazards you encounter. Photo: Amazon

Keep a Record of It All

For the time when you swear the fender bender was actually not your fault and that guy totally cut you off, have this dashboard camcorder rolling and ready to prove your innocence to all the non-believers. Car accessories like this one begin recording automatically when the car turns on, so you won’t even have to worry about turning it on – $15.99

Have a teen driver? Here are tips to make your teen’s car safer. 

Three Different Air Fresheners With A Beach In The Background

If you can’t bring yourself to the beach, bring the beach to you with an air freshener. Photo: Amazon

Car Accessories Under $20 that Keep Things Fresher

Choose an Attractive Air Freshener

When that new car smell has aged into more of an “I’m not sure when you bought this car, but it may have been before I was born” smell, liven it up with a cute air freshener. It dresses up the rearview mirror and, as an added bonus, works as a lei if you get invited to an impromptu luau – $4.77.

A Girls Guide To Cars | 18 Fun (And Effective) Car Accessories Under $20 - Ss Duster 2023 09 13 At 11.41.27 Pm

Keeping a soft brush like this one will make car maintenance easier. Photo: Amazon

Engage Your Inner Cinderella

Feel like Cinderella and keep your pumpkin carriage looking worthy of a princess with a car duster that’ll remove dust from your car’s most intricate details. Unfortunately, singing birds and cute mice are not included. – $7.99

Car Accessories Under $20

Car accessories like this seat gap filler will protect your car from the perils of fast food fries. Photo: Walmart

Keep Stuff Out of Those Hard-to-Reach Places

Drop anything like it’s hot (including French fries fresh out of the bag), and the Drop Stop will keep it from disappearing into the abyss between your car seats. Installation is super simple, and it moves back and forth with seat adjustments – $9.88

A Girls Guide To Cars | 18 Fun (And Effective) Car Accessories Under $20 - Ss Floor Mats 2023 09 13 At 11.42.11 Pm

Floor mats like these make great car accessories, especially in snowy or sandy conditions. Photo: Amazon

Keep Sand Out of All Places

Next beach day, throw these rubber floor mats in your ride so you can avoid repeatedly reminding everyone to rinse their feet before getting in, only to have to thoroughly vacuum the car afterward and somehow still find sand next December.  – $14.95

Car Accessories Under $20

One of the best car accessories you could have is a sturdy trash can. Photo: High Road

And, Finally, the Car Accessory This Author Needs

This TrashStand litter basket is the perfect way to say, “I might have a garbage collection in my car, but at least I don’t throw it in the floorboards anymore, so I have my life together.” Car accessories like these are perfect; you can toss anything in there because the leak-proof interior prevents spills, and the grip strips keep it from tipping – $15.99

We All Love Accessories, And So Do Our Cars! Here Are 18 Fun And Effective Car Accessories For Under $20 To Make Your Car Cuter, Cleaner &Amp; Safer.

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