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Kendra Pierson is a freelance writer, lifestyle blogger, wife and mother of two homeschooled boys based in the Atlanta area. She is the Long Weekend TravelingMom on TravelingMom.com and manages her own blog at KendraPierson.com. When she's not traveling, you can find her battling Atlanta traffic and serving as the Social Media Manager for Junior League of Atlanta.

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Porsche Taycan: An Electric Car Like No Other
September 7, 2023
Sexy cars move more than just people; they stir your soul and remind you who you are. Here are 9 of our favorites as seen on Instagram.
Sound System
March 31, 2023
Do you keep a car maintenance checklist? Or do you ask the mechanic? This list of what to check will keep your car road ready!
Wakanda Forever And Lexus Featured Image. Photo: Lexus
March 10, 2023
Are you as fearless and resourceful as Wakanda’s Dora Milaje? Yes or no, you can chase your Dora Milaje dreams in a Lexus RZ 450e.
Places To Hide Valentine'S Gifts
February 12, 2023
We collected the best places to put Valentine’s Day surprise gifts inside the car ranging from the obvious (like on the seat) to the completely hidden.
Six Of The Best Music Apps For Listening To Music In Your Car. Ranging From Free Ad-Based To Subscription Models, Here Is Our Recommended List.
January 22, 2023
Find your favorites among the best apps for listening to music in the car with how to access them, features, price and the benefits.
Road Trip
September 3, 2022
Want to build a little learning into your next family trip? Check out our homeschooling mom approved tips for an educational road trip.
Emily Miller Rebelle Rally
August 20, 2022
Not just a talented driver and teacher, Emily Miller is a force of nature: as the founder of Rebelle Rally she’s inspiring women to conquer off roading
The Minivan Turns 35 - Happy Birthday To The People Mover
June 5, 2022
East Coast road trips are a must! From Georgia to Massachusetts with stops in between, here are five road trips to take on the East Coast.
Infiniti Q50 Could Be The Car Of Your Dreams
April 18, 2022
Learn how the 2018 Infiniti Q50 sport sedan delivers the road of this writer’s dreams. What works, what we didn’t love and where we’d love to drive it!
Ron Capps, Nhra Funny Car Driver, Pennzoil Synthetic Oil
January 5, 2021
What the heck is synthetic oil? Can it help your minivan perform more like a drag strip star? Yes! Here’s what we learned and what you need to know.