Best Places to Put Surprise Valentine’s Day Gifts in the Car

Places To Hide Valentine'S Gifts
It's the little things that count. Photo: Canva

I Love a Good Surprise, Don’t You?

Valentine’s Day is all about love, romance, and special surprises! Instead of the typical dinner and exchange of cards in the evening, why not surprise your Valentine with little surprise gifts in the car?  Sneak out the night before or early in the morning before they get in, and choose one of our favorite places to put these Valentine’s Day gift surprises. That’s right, we’ve compiled a list of the best places to put surprise Valentine’s Day gifts in the car! 

Surprises always make for a nice pick-me-up. Imagine your Valentine starting off the day feeling surprised, excited and loved. The gift part is nice, but the feeling is priceless.

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Best Places to Put Surprise Valentine’s Day Gifts in the Car

Let’s start with the obvious ones. These are the best places for a gift if your love isn’t known for being super observant. 

The Passenger Seat

Place a gift right on the passenger’s seat. They sure can’t miss a surprise placed there. 

Make Your Valentine'S Day Surprise In The Car Easy For Your Valentine To Find And Place It Right On The Seat.

Make your Valentine’s Day Surprise in the Car easy for your Valentine to find and place it right on the seat. Photo Credit: Kendra Pierson

The Steering Wheel

Put a post-it note on the steering wheel, or get even cuter (or cheesier) with a handwritten note asking them to be your Valentine. Remember those days in school when you’d get a “do you like me” note? Those are sure to make your Valentine laugh.

Take It Way Back To Grade School And Life Before Texting With A Note On The Steering Wheel. It'S A Perfect Valentine'S Day Car Surprise. Photo Credit: Kendra Pierson

Take it way back to grade school and life before texting with a note on the steering wheel. It’s a perfect Valentine’s Day Car Surprise. Photo Credit: Kendra Pierson

Windows or Mirrors

Use lipstick or a dry-erase marker to write a note on the mirror or window. Just make sure it’s not too embarrassing or large. Remember, your Valentine probably needs to drive and see the road. And you don’t want to make them clean too much. 

Mirror Love Note

Sweet love notes on the mirror can also be done on the windshield. Just be sure it’s not too big! Photo: Canva

Sunroof Surprise

If the car has a sunroof, slide it open and stick the gift up there. It might take them a few minutes to actually see it, but movie tickets, concert tickets or any other small gift would be great there.

Open The Sunroof And Let Your Love Shine Through With A Valentine'S Day Car Surprise. Photo Credit: Kendra Pierson

Open the sunroof, and let your love shine through. Photo Credit: Kendra Pierson

Valentine’s Day Surprises That Hide in Plain Sight


Consider clipping a card to their seatbelt. It’s something they can’t miss when they’re putting safety first!

Keep Them Safe And Loved By Clipping A Valentine'S Day Car Surprise To The Searbelt. Photo Credit: Kendra Pierson

Keep them safe and loved by clipping a Valentine’s Day surprise to the seat belt. Photo Credit: Kendra Pierson

Sunglasses Case

For a small gift like movie tickets or candy, consider leaving it in their sunglasses case. This spot in my car is the perfect place for a Million Dollar Bar for my One-in-A-Million Husband.

For Your One In A Million Love, Consider Putting This One In A Million Bar In The Sunglass Holder. Photo Credit: Kendra Pierson

For your One in a Million Love, consider putting a candy bar or gift in the sunglass holder. Photo Credit: Kendra Pierson

Cup Holder

Gift your love a new tumbler and put it in their cup holder. You can follow up with a text later in the day or note inside with a reference to the gift. I’m cheesy (and punny) so my husband will probably get a text saying “You’ve transformed my life,” to go with his new Transformers tumbler. 

&Quot;Your Love Transformed My Life&Quot; - Okay, So Maybe That'S Silly But A Water Bottle Is Still A Good Place For A Valentine'S Day Car Surprise. Photo Credit: Kendra Pierson

“Your love Transformed my life” – Okay, so maybe that’s silly, but a water bottle is still a good place for a Valentine’s Day car surprise. Photo Credit: Kendra Pierson

Side Pocket

For cars with a side pocket or door, it’s the perfect place to put something a little larger. This book is a super cute way to get my husband’s attention early in the morning.


Don'T Forget To Use Places Like The Side Pockets Of A Door As A Hiding Spot Too. Photo Credit: Kendra Pierson

Don’t forget to use places like the side pockets of a door as a hiding spot too. Photo Credit: Kendra Pierson

Treasure Hunts for Valentine’s Day Gift Surprises

Time to get creative! You can make a treasure hunt or give hints for not-so-obvious places where you’ve hidden a gift.  The trunk of a car is certainly going to be one of these places, but don’t forget your glove compartment or center console too.

Mazda 6 Tech

Back seat passengers are spoiled with a console that has charging ports and cup holders. Photo: Lillie Morales

These all make fun places to hide gifts. I suggest concert tickets, movie tickets or smaller items like cards and candy. Make sure not to make the gift too hard to find. If they don’t go into the trunk daily, then you can add a note on the steering wheel instructing them to open the trunk to make it easier.

Have we missed out on any of the best spots that you think would be a great place? If so, share them in the comments below. We wouldn’t want to miss a good hiding spot! 

Valentine'S Day Gift Surprises For The Car As Seen On A Girls Guide To Cars

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