Fancy Footwear for Fine Driving

Best Driving Shoes

Comfort, agility, and traction are the key to good driving shoes.

As much as we love our sexy heels, let’s be real– when it comes to driving, they aren’t ideal. They may look cute for a photo but once you’re on the road, it’s important to wear shoes that have good traction on your car’s brake and accelerator, that won’t get stuck on the carpet and that gives you the agility for quick footwork. A shoe that has closed toes and is lightweight should do. No need to sacrifice your cute shoes, simply keep a pair of driving shoes in the car!

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What Women Love

We asked our contributors to share their favorite driving shoes. Among them all, Converse sneakers seem to be a common favorite. Here’s what they had to say:

Favorite Driving Shoes

“These Superga blue velvet high-tops are my favorite to wear when driving! They are soft, comfortable, and I can feel the pedal in the sole of my foot, which makes me feel connected to the car.” Kristin Shaw,

Converse Driving Shoes

“I love my Converse. Comfy, thin enough to feel the pedals and the car’s response.” Erica Mueller, Nicole Mucci, agrees: “Converse all the way!”

Cowboy Boots

“A good pair of broken-in boots are my absolute favorite,” says Dani Schnakenberg,

And, There Are Shoes Made for Driving

Yes, driving shoes are a real thing! They were invented by Italians for a stylish shoe that provided a better driving experience. Typically they have a rubber or pebbled sole that provide grip on the pedals. Scotty Reiss prefers Tod’s or Tieks for driving because “they have separate heels and toes so your foot can bend when you need it to, and you can really respond quickly when you need to brake or accelerate.” But not to worry, there’s no need to rush out and buy a fancy pair of driving shoes. The most important thing when it comes to choosing the right shoes for driving is the grip, comfort, and thickness of the sole. The easiest shoes would be loafers or a slip-on type sneaker.

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Best Driving Shoes

Tieks ballet flats make great driving shoes.

Shoes to Stay Away From

Driving requires a person to handle pedals. The wrong footwear can impact the comfort and safety of the driver. Steer clear of the wrong shoes including flip flops, house slippers, high heels, platform shoes, or heavy-duty boots.  These type shoes can cause issues while driving such as slipping off or getting caught on something (like a car mat). The DMV also advises against driving barefoot, in socks or any shoe with an open back.

“Our employees see it all the time,” says Virginia DMV Commissioner Richard D. Holcomb. “Our customer service representatives who conduct road tests have seen flip-flops and sandals come off and get stuck under the gas or brake pedal. Fortunately, we have not had any tragic situations, but that is what we are trying to prevent.”

Driving shoes may not be on your shoe shopping list, but there are plenty of other options. From comfy ballet flats to sneakers with good soles, keep a pair in your car for the best (and safest) driving experience.

Driving Shoes Are A Thing: Your Feet Need Good Contact With Your Car'S Pedals. But That Doesn'T Mean Frumpy, Dumpy Shoes. Here Are Some Of Our Faves.


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