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Rhonda is an Ohio native who now calls Indiana home, hence the name Transplanted Buckeye Media. As a mom to two girls and a husband who prefers home cooked meals she loves creating unique lunch ideas, baking simple treats, creating new recipes and recreating fond childhood memories of home cooked meals that she would have had at her Grandma’s house. Her other hobbies include writing, genealogy, traveling, finding creative solutions to make life easier, and of course, shopping. You can also find her over at her blog, MomSkoop.

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10 Things To Keep In Your Car
January 19, 2023
You never think about the things you should keep in the car until you need them. It’s kind like life if you think about it.
Used Car Buying
November 21, 2018
Black Friday Car Deals probably aren’t at the top of your Black Friday shopping list. But they should be: 0% financing and significant discounts abound!
A Girls Guide To Cars | 6 Of The Most Affordable Luxury Cars For Women Under $40,000 - Luxury Car
August 15, 2018
Affordable luxury may be an oxymoron but just wait until you see the luxurious cars that come in under $40,000. It gives affordable luxury new meaning.