The Redesigned Lexus ES and FSport Luxury Sedan – Where the Focus is on Driver Experience

2019 Lexus Es Luxury Sedan
Photo: Becky Fixel

This car was designed just for you. You’re gonna love it.

It seems like a basic concept that cars should be designed for driver comfort. But more often than not we hear more about the engine, the speed, the curves and the horsepower. What about the actual drive experience and how the design can actually help the driver. Lexus has redesigned the ES, ES Hybrid and added the popular FSport design option to the lineup for this mid-sized luxury sedan in 2019. The ES is the company’s best selling sedan and the new model will be available later this fall. I was given the opportunity to drive the car before it hits the market and to see the changes that are going to change how you drive your next car.

Who This Car is For

  • Drivers who want a luxury sedan
  • Drivers who love a sporty drive experience, which a more powerful 302 horsepower engine helps to achieve
  • Drivers who want every leading tech feature at their fingertips
  • Buyers looking to trade up to a true luxury car from an entry-level luxury or a middle-market car
  • Buyers finally getting rid of the “kid car” and ready for an experience that is all about them
  • Buyers who want a sports car but still need comfort and space for others

What This Car Costs

Pricing hasn’t been released yet for the 2019 Lexus ES or the 2019 Lexus FSport, but the engineering team from Lexus say the price will be similar to the 2018 models. Pricing for the 2018 model looks like this:

  • Base price, about $39,000
  • Add Mark Levinson premium sound and the Ultra Luxury package, about $6,000
  • Nicely loaded, about $49,000

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The 2019 Lexus Es Is Designed For A Better Driving Experience

To help reduce driver fatigue Lexus has added a heads up display that is adjustable to the drivers eye line, reducing the amount of eye movement needed to drive. Photo: Becky Fixel

Driver Fatigue Is a Thing of the Past! 

While designing the all-new ES and FSport Lexus made a few simple changes to the overall design of the car exterior. They changed the angle of the windshield, lowered the roof line and the front hood angle as well. These changes are small, only an inch or so and may not be able to be seen without a trained eye. But they are all intentional. The lower center of gravity of the car means an easier to handle a car and makes turns smoother. But the angle of the windshield is key – it means the view for the driver is easier overall. Interior dimensions didn’t get lost in these changes, instead, the backseat provides one of the largest spaces for passengers as well.

The design overall is to help make the drive easier for drivers, including an adjustable heads-up display that shows the speed, speed limit and other important information like lane departure right on your windshield. This allows the driver to see all of the information directly in their line of vision while driving, rather than having to move their eyes around a lot. This helps make the drive experience easier overall and helps reduce driver fatigue.

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The 2019 Lexus Es Is Designed For A Better Driving Experience

Experience music in a whole new way with Mark Levinson speakers throughout your new 2019 Lexus ES. Photo: Becky Fixel

Music to Help Move Your Drive, and That You Can Feel in Your Soul

When we’re driving alone, or sometimes with others, we often crank up the music and sing along. Most cars come with decent speakers standard, but Lexus is kicking up the game to a new level for the new 2019 ES and FSport by including Mark Levinson speaker systems as an option. The speakers have been moved up on the doors to right below the window so no sound is deflected through clothing or other elements in the car.

The full sound package includes 12 speakers and subwoofers throughout the car so even the passengers get a complete immersive experience. You can actually feel the music and beat throughout the car.

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The 2019 Lexus Es Is Designed For A Better Driving Experience

Get ready to control your smart home and shop while you drive with Lexus + Alexa. A partnership you didn’t know you needed. Photo: Becky Fixel

Technology Integration We Actually Want – and Can Use!

Lexus was among the first to move to an infotainment system operated by a mouse system, similar to what we use on our computers. This means no fingerprints on the screen, and the screen can be placed a but further away, so it’s easier to see, but not so easy to reach. However, the mouse system received a bit of criticism–not everyone was a fan. For the 2019 ES, Lexus introduced a new touch pad, taking cues from our computers and smart phones, that is more intuitive and will likely be easier to use.

They also integrated the smart devices in our hands and in our homes. Lexus has added Apple Car Play, so you can plug in an iPhone and it is mirrored on the infotainment screen. And, they’ve added Alexa. Not only can you ask Alexa to add things to your shopping list, you can check the weather, get directions, shop on Amazon, find your favorite song, turn on the lights at home, and never take your eyes off the road.

With all of this power in your car, we wondered what would happen if your kid decided to order something with your Lexus+Alexa account. Lexus assured us that you have to confirm your order with a secret pin, so as long as your passenger doesn’t know your pin they won’t be placing secret orders to surprise you with later!

The 2019 Lexus Es Is Designed For A Better Driving Experience

The 2019 Lexus FSport brings in a red and black interior with race car inspired seats that cradle you while you drive it. Photo: Becky Fixel

Sporty Seats that Cradle You, and Comfort Everywhere!

It isn’t just about the technology and exterior design that makes the 2019 Lexus ES and Fsport a great ride. The FSport offers a more sporty feel that includes a fun interior and seats that are designed similar to performance cars. The seats cradle you, and with the sport drive mode, you can take this new model on the track, too.

Simple design features aren’t all that Lexus focused on, but the overall comfort of everyone involved. Most newer cars are coming with a climate control system, and offer heated seats and steering wheels. For drivers, Lexus combined these features so your climate control doesn’t just keep the cabin cool or warm, but brings your seat and the steering wheel to the same temperature to make sure you are completely comfortable while you drive

The 2019 Lexus Es Is Designed For A Better Driving Experience

Sharp angles and smoother lines bring an updated look to the 2019 Lexus ES Photo: Becky Fixel

The Drive is Key and It’s All in the Design

Those simple design changes to the exterior do lead to a very sleek design and one that you will get you noticed as you drive down the road. But what does a lower vehicle mean when you drive it? The curves and angles of the body of the car mean a reduced drag from the air around the car and tighter turns. It means better gas mileage and it means a smoother and more comfortable drive.

The 2019 Lexus Es Is Designed For A Better Driving Experience

Navigation is easy to follow with the integrated screen and built in navigation system. Photo: Becky Fixel

Wherever the Road Takes You, the ES and FSport have You Covered! 

From a new design, driver and passenger comfort and technology integration the new Lexus ES and FSport will be a car that you have to drive to believe. It’s hard to choose a favorite feature on the new models, but the seamless integration of technology into the vehicle makes it more than a car but a tool that helps bring us closer to our connected lives.

What we Listened to in the 2019 Lexus ES

The addition of a Mark Levinson premium sound system begs for a great playlist. No matter your taste or style, the system is designed to sound like a concert hall on wheels. So, we popped in some of our favorites and let the drive experience and the music put a little wind behind us.

Disclosure: I was Lexus’s guest in Nashville, TN; travel and accommodations were provided. All opinions in this post are my own.

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