Our Classic ’71 Bronco Inspired the Purchase of a New Ford Bronco. I Couldn’t Be More In Love

Both Ford Broncos

My journey in building and ordering a Ford Bronco was a joy!

When my husband, Paul, came to me with childlike excitement to announce that Ford was bringing back the Bronco, of course, I said yes to getting on the waitlist. Many months later, we started the fun process of designing a Bronco for our family. Two years later, it arrived! Our new Bronco beauty is now my daily driver, and we all enjoy experiencing the modern version of the classic Bronco. 

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New Ford Bronco Area 51

Woohoo! We got it! Photo: Laura Zook

Love Starts with a Great Color

While designing our new Bronco, I just fell in love with the blue/grey color called Area 51. The color reminds me of one of my favorite classic cars from the 70s, the Land Rover Defender. Plus, this color is absolutely a perfect fit for my personality. I believe this color is a home run for Ford – it appeals to both men and women. 

Bringing Home The New Ford Bronco

This color makes me so happy! Photo: Laura Zook

Bronco has Room for All the Accessories

The black wheels and oversized tires look tough and sporty. At my height, the fixed running boards were essential, and aesthetically, it looks finished. My boys wanted the roof racks to store extra gear for our outdoor adventures. There are so many more cool accessories I think we’ll add over time for mountain biking, camping and days at the beach or baseball fields.

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New Ford Bronco Wildtrak

Both of us are ready for any adventure. Photo: Laura Zook

Which Model of the Ford Bronco Should We Choose?

We decided on the Wildtrak edition with the Sasquatch off-road package (that’s fun to say!). We thought this package would give us suspension strength, speed with the 2.7-liter, V6 Ecoboost engine and it would hopefully meet our family’s expectations after having quick-accelerating electric vehicles. The technology in the car is keeping up with our expectations, too. I really like the larger 12-inch touchscreen.

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Ford Bronco Wildtrak Interior

Getting a new Bronco was like unwrapping a gift! Photo: Laura Zook

Our Old Bronco Inspired our new Bronco Purchase

Paul’s first car was actually an early Bronco that he and his dad rebuilt together in the mid 80s. When we first started dating, he talked about rebuilding another one, and I encouraged him to take on the project. I will always support him to go after his dreams. He has poured his heart, soul and skills into his ’71 classic Bronco for a couple of decades. It’s absolutely a gorgeous work of art.

My Husband Paul'S Work Of Art: A 1971 Ford Bronco. Photo: Laura Zook

My husband Paul’s work of art: a 1971 Ford Bronco. Photo: Laura Zook

Heavy on Nostalgia. And Modernity.

The front end of the new Bronco has large white letters across the grille that spell out its name; it’s what first greets you, and instantly you feel the nostalgia. Looking at the Bronco just makes me smile. As romantic as it sounds, I truly believe this car captures the free spirit of a horse running wild. It’s a celebration of freedom, and it even makes me feel a bit younger – I’ll take that as an extra bonus!

Front Of The Ford Bronco Wildtrak

Love the white lettering! Photo: Laura Zook

The Ford Bronco Looks At Home Next To A Corral. Photo: Laura Zook

The Ford Bronco looks at home next to a corral. Photo: Laura Zook

No Limits on Kid Activities In this SUV

As a baseball mom, an SUV was a must for our lifestyle. I’m pleased by the roominess of the 4-door Bronco. It makes it easy to carry all the baseball gear and gives us enough room to sit comfortably and bring all our things, even when both boys have games on the weekends.

Ford Bronco Tailgate

The Bronco is a great tailgater. Photo: Laura Zook

Whether we are in the city, the beach, the desert or the mountains, I’m confident the Bronco can handle whatever road we take. The weather is a bit chilly right now, so I think the hardtop is key to keeping the car ride warm. Once spring and summer come around, I’m looking forward to taking off the removable top and driving to the beach.

Our New Bronco At Home On The Beach. Or Anywhere. Photo: Laura Zook

Our new Bronco at home on the beach. Or anywhere. Photo: Laura Zook

We Both get to show off our Bronco Love

It’s such a good time when we take our “His and Hers” Broncos out on Saturdays to the local Cars and Coffee show at the San Clemente Outlets in Orange County, California. We just love cars, meeting new people and making friends with other car enthusiasts. And showing off our pair of Broncos! 

A 1971 Classic Bronco Laid The Foundation For Our Recent Bronco Purchase. Photo: Laura Zook

A 1971 Classic Bronco laid the foundation for our recent Bronco purchase. Photo: Laura Zook

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