9 Over-the-top Luxe Features We Love In The Mercedes-Benz S 580 Luxury Car

A Girls Guide To Cars | 9 Over-The-Top Luxe Features We Love In The Mercedes-Benz S 580 Luxury Car - Featured

Who doesn’t want to feel like a celebrity, or maybe even a princess?

Well, the 2021 Mercedes-Benz S 580, one of the most important and tech-forward cars that Mercedes-Benz builds, will make you feel just like that. We love a good luxury car, we love new technology and the S 580 combines them for a car that makes drivers and passengers feel like VIPs.

The S 580, with a price tag of $145,000 CAD/ $117,000 USD, weaves a plush lifestyle with the future of driving together like peanut butter and jam, and makes you feel cushioned and cocooned safely from the chaos of the outside world.

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The classic body lines on the S580 Long wheelbase are unmistakable. Photo:  Michael Peters

Nine Over-the-Top things to love about the 2021 Mercedes-Benz S 580 Luxury Car

1. Your Seat will Adjust to Exactly the Right Position for You

You can tap your way to the ideal seat height, distance from the pedals, steering wheel and even the headrest based on your height with the automatic seat adjustment in the S 580 in the touchscreen settings. This means whether you’re tall, short or anything in between, your car knows where you should be seated to drive. Of course, if you have a chauffeur they will also be seated exactly right, even though they may be the opposite height as you.

@xoconniepeters Automatic seat positioning in the Mercedes-Benz S580 #mercedesbenz #luxurysedan #s580 #sclass #luxurycars ♬ original sound – Connie Peters

2. With 64 Different Colors and Shades, Your Interior Lighting can Match What You’re Wearing Every Day

Forget outfit of the day (#ootd) here, we have a color for every day inside the beautiful interior ambient lighting of the S 580. You can quite literally choose with the tap of your finger on a color wheel, one of up to 264 shades that will light up the flooring, door handles, vents and surrounding the dash. The ambient lighting also responds to your temperature controls, flaring red when you turn up the heat, and flaring blue when turning the temperature down.

You’ll have a hard time choosing a favorite, so I foresee a lot of mood-based color choice here. I tend to gravitate towards the blues and purples myself.

S Class Interior

The all-new digital driver cockpit in the Mercedes-Benz S 580 luxury car. Photo: Michael Peters

3. The Vertical Touchscreen is a New Favorite

The new vertical touchscreen in the refreshed design of this model gets five stars from me. I love a good vertical screen because you can see more of your apps and settings in one place. They also did away with most manual hard-touch buttons. I will say, it takes some getting used to because even your climate control is accessed via the screen. But once you get used to it, and it only takes a couple of days, it’s all very intuitive and natural.

Volume control can be swiped, pressed, and also controlled with buttons on the steering wheel spokes. I love that flexibility.

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S Class

I love the luxe-looking front end of the Mercedes-Benz S 580. Photo: Michael Peters

4. The Smoothest, Quietest Ride Ever

The smoothest ride ever, I promise you. With air suspension, premium Nappa leather interior and even pillows, yes, pillows, you will not feel a bump in the road. It’s a powerful drive, with a 4L twin turbo V8 plus mild hybrid getting 496 HP and 516 pound-feet of torque. That means your 4.4 second trip to 60 mph will be the quietest ever.

Not only do the seats feel heavenly comfortable, the front seats have active bolstering. That means, the side bolsters on the seats actually respond to the way the car is being driven, and come in towards your body to ‘hug’ you around turns and over bumps. I kid you not, you will feel like someone is holding you still and safe while driving, or riding in the S 580.

S 580 Rear Seats

The lap of luxury in the backseat of the S 580. Photo: Connie Peters

5. Your Every Wish is Your Car’s Command with “Hey Mercedes”

Just say ‘Hey Mercedes’ and your wish is granted in the swanky S 580. Well, actually, this system is available in most Mercedes-Benz models but the multimedia (MBUX) system is very intuitive and can help you with everything from your climate and seat temperature to directions, navigation and opening and closing window shades. Yes, I said window shades, keep reading and you’ll see.

@xoconniepeters Hey Mercedes’ and rear window shades in the S580 #mercedesbenz #luxurysedan #s580 #luxury #mercedes580 #benz #luxurycars #benzlife ♬ original sound – Connie Peters

6. The Rear Seat Luxury is Next-Level

Not only are there power window shades on the back seat door windows for your passengers (or you, when you are playing the role of  Passenger Princess), but there is a power window shade on the rear window as well. These can be controlled by voice command (“Hey Mercedes”) or by buttons both in the front and rear of the S 580.

The rear seats feel like a plush living room recliner, but with expensive premium quilted Nappa leather you won’t find on the average chair. The seats are power-adjustable, recline, have pillows and memory seating buttons. Plus, they are both heated and cooled, keeping you ultra comfortable in all four seasons no matter where you get to enjoy this car.

Even more luxurious and customizable are climate vents that open and close at the touch of a button, a large center console with storage, charging ports, and even a removable Android Tablet that can be used for entertainment or work on-the-go.

All of this, plus you can control all vehicle media settings and the multimedia system from the rear seats using the tablet.

@xoconniepeters Rear seat luxury amenities in the 2021 Mercedes-Benz S 580 #mercedesbenz #s580 #luxurysedan #luxurycars #sclass #benzlife #benz ♬ original sound – Connie Peters

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7. Wireless Apple CarPlay Keeps you Connected Quickly

I love the sweet convenience of wireless technology; earbuds, speakers, and now cars, too. When you hop into the Mercedes-Benz S 580 you can place your device on the wireless charging pad or tuck it into the console if it doesn’t need charging, and it will automatically connect wirelessly so that you can use Apple CarPlay. I use Apple CarPlay for my music, navigation and voice-to-text to keep in touch with my family on the road.

S580 Backseat

The rear seats are not only luxe but spacious as well. Photo: Michael Peters

8. The Door Handles Pop Out to Greet You When you Approach the Car

This feature makes you feel a bit more like a celebrity than some of the others. It’s as though the car is tailored to you and when you have the key fob on you, it extends a hand to invite you to reach out and get inside the lap of luxury.

I especially love that it also automatically locks and puts away those handles making them flush with the car as you walk away.

@xoconniepeters The door handles on the S580 🌸🌸🌸 #mercedesbenz #sclass #s580 #mercedes #luxurycars #luxurysedan #benzlife #cartiktok ♬ Electric Feel – MGMT

9. Lastly, let’s Customize the Scent of our Luxurious Ride, Shall We?

Car perfume. Yes, it’s a real thing. The interior of the S 580 has an optional Air Balance System which keeps virtually all pollutants out of the vehicle, and the interior air fresh and safe. But, you can also add a Mercedes-Benz scent to your interior, keeping it smelling like a high-end exclusive boutique designed just for you.

A subtle aroma is atomized into the interior cabin at intervals via an LED-backlit vial in the glovebox; you can change the fragrance whenever you like, and even add custom fragrances. The strength of the scent can also be adjusted via the multimedia system.

All this luxury can be yours for $145,000 CAD or $117,700 USD. Be prepared to be pampered like the VIP you know you are!

Disclosure: The Mercedes-Benz S 580 was loaned to me by Mercedes-Benz Canada to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

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