USED:2015 Toyota Camry: Cool Factor Shows Why This Is Still America’s Top Model

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Cool and sporty vs sleek and classy.

When Toyota gave me the opportunity to review the 2015 Toyota Camry I jumped on the chance because we own and love a 2010 Camry and I was excited to have the chance to compare the all new Camry to the previous body style. I’d seen the new Camry on TV commercials and wasn’t impressed. It looked smaller than the car I own.

Now, after seven years have passed, we’re going to look at the 2015 Toyota Camry in order to see how it’s held up over the years and whether or not this is a car you might choose to buy used. After all, not everyone is in the market to buy new, and there are few better cars to consider than the reliable Camry.

Out with old; in with cool new

I want to start out by saying the Camry I own is an XLE. I reviewed the 2015 Camry XSE, a sportier model. Looking at the new XLE online I can see that there are a few differences, a main one being the front grill. I’m very glad to see this because it was the only thing I didn’t care for on the new XSE! I’m still not a big fan of the new grill for the XLE, but it is a little less teen-looking than the grill on the XSE.

There, now that we have that out of the way, here’s how I feel about the 2015 Camry!

It’s sporty! Even the more luxurious XLE model has been upgraded from a classy sedan that doesn’t really grab your attention to a hot new sports car that turns heads. Toyota went all out and it shows.

The Camry’s interior makeover is huge! The model I drove had a black interior that was a mix of textures from sleek leather to plush suede and fiber. The red stitching on everything gave it a very finished look. And while black tends to show dust and dirt and I find it an exceptionally bad choice for a family car, I would buy the black and red interior in a heartbeat if I didn’t have kids.

I took a few comparison photos to point out a few little things…

The 2015 Camry is the same size

One of my main concerns about the new Camry was size. Because of the new body style it appears smaller. My husband is 6′ 3″ tall and finding a sedan he could sit in without hitting his head on the ceiling was a major undertaking. Turns out he fits in the new Camry the same as he fits in our 2010. I also checked for backseat space by putting the kids in it. Yep. Child seats fit!

2015 Toyota Camry Review

2.5L 4-Cylinder vs 3.5L V6

I grew up driving trucks, large vans and SUV’s and the only two cars I’ve driven much were both 4-cylinders. I just came to expect cars not to have much get-up-and-go. Wrong. The 2015 Camry with the V6 is a powerful beast! It was so fun to drive. I couldn’t get over how much I enjoyed getting behind the wheel of a sporty car with power.

And even though, the new 2015 Toyota Camry is all majorly upgraded, I found driving it a fun and familiar experience because it was so much like my own Camry. I was really pleased not to have to learn a whole new system.

Icing on the cake

Toyota Camry

Hello Camry: cool lighting greets you at the door


Some of my favorite things about the new Camry are the little touches Toyota has added. Things you don’t really think about, but they make a difference. The first of these that I noticed was the blue light-up Camry logo on the door frame. On a dark evening that little bit of light is a nice touch and it looks sleek too.

The seat heaters are adjustable. My Camry has an on-off switch. The new Camry has a little roller to adjust the heat. It’s a small thing, but I used it and I loved it!

Wireless phone charging? So cool! My husband was able to charge his Android phone without plugging it in. My iPhone wouldn’t charge that way, but I’m choosing to blame Apple just this once…

What We Loved

  • Heated power seats
  • Cruise control at your fingertips
  • Great media center and sound system
  • Backup camera and navigation
  • A detailed yet uncluttered dash… it’s all there!
  • Wireless phone charging
  • Beautiful interior: noticeably improved finishes

Toyota CamryWhat You Need to Know

  • Engine Options: V6 for more power
  • We got 28 miles per gallon; less than the 34 mpg than we get with our less powerful 2010 4 cylinder Camry
  • Base price for Camry LE (base model): $22,970; for Camry LXE (top of the line model): $26,150 and Hybrid LE 
  • Price for the loaded model we drove: $31,370
  • Best-selling car in America: 12 years and counting

How Does The Camry Fare as a Used Car?

Consumer Reports is one of the most reputable companies in the world when it comes to evaluating cars both old and new—and CR rates the 2015 Toyota Camry as top of the small, used sedan market. It achieved a 5/5 rating for reliability among 2015 sedans and still holds up today as a solid option for anyone looking for something used. Everything from electronics to engine performance to comfort has aged as well as you could hope.

Market Value

Consumer Reports ranks the 2015 used Toyota Camry at a value of about $14-17,000, though prices will differ depending on where you live, the quality of the car, and the overall market at the time. As of June 2021, you can expect to see some models run as high as $22,000.

Trouble Spots

There are a few well-known trouble spots for the 2015 Toyota Camry, including:

  • Paint and trim, which can fade, peel, and scuff
  • Climate system, which may need maintenance
  • Electronics and entertainment options, which may feel out of date
  • Electric power steering system, which was recalled due to manufacturing damage

What Owners Are Saying

  • “In my opinion, considering depreciation, RELIABILITY, quietness, and longevity, the Camry is probably the best value for the money in a sedan.” – Anonymous
  • “Road noise is very annoying. Ride is a bit rough. Seat are very good.” – Robert M.
  • “All around, one of the nicest cars available, and I drove a lot of them before purchasing this one. Not the best handler but sure footed enough to to take the cloverleaf exit ramps around here with authority. A bit of a resonance around 70 mph mars an otherwise serene highway ride. Averages about 32 mpg in a 70/30 mix of highway and city driving, respectively. Can get 40 mpg at 65 mph. VERY comfortable seating for me, with plenty of adjustment and support.” – Joe
  • “Have gotten lots of compliments from friends and neighbors.. which feels good! Must be a reason it’s the most popular car of the year.” – Anonymous

Disclosure: The Toyota Camry was provided to AGirlsGuidetoCars by Toyota for this review; the opinions expressed are all my own.

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