Free Your Soul and Empower Your Future at Women’s Day at the Chicago Auto Show

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100 lucky women will have exclusive access to the show on Tuesday, February 13th. And yes, we have free tickets!!!

Emily Miller loves teaching people to drive off road. Especially women. Her female students often start off intimidated and reluctant to challenge the rocks, hills, sand and rivers that off-roading entails.

But by the end of a class her students are sporting ear-to-ear grins that are rooted in the glowing confidence that they can conquer anything. Because they just did.

And THAT is what Emily loves most.

Meet Emily Miller, the Force of Nature behind the Rebelle Rally

Women'S Day Chicago Auto Show

Emily Miller, founder of the Rebelle Rally, will speak at the 2018 Chicago Auto Show

Drive Off Road and Get Inspired at Women’s Day at the Chicago Auto Show

Emily will share how she conquered the world of off roading, how she became a champion and how she started the women-only Rebelle Rally off road competition. Her insights will empower YOU to learn to drive off road or on a performance course and how mastering the road can drive you to be stronger and more successful in your career, your life and your passion.

You’re invited to join us for this exclusive event at 8AM on February 13th; we start with breakfast hosted by the Chicago Tribune. Following the discussion with Emily you’ll take a drive on the show’s indoor tracks including Camp Jeep, Toyota Camry and Kia. You’ll get tips from Emily and the pro drivers to help you learn how to get started on your driving journey and how to put driving empowerment to work in your personal life.

After the drive experience take a tour of the show with A Girls Guide to Cars and see what’s new and important at the auto show so you can start to assemble your new car wish list.

And here’s the best part: On Women’s Day we will have the Chicago Auto Show to ourselves until 10AM! That means no lines for the drive experiences, no crowds, no men muscling in on our fun; it’s there just for us.

Why you should go off road –even in your luxury SUV!

Women'S Day Chicago Auto Show

Yes, YOU can do this at the Chicago Auto Show.

Yes, There are Prizes. Of Course! 

Would you love a day of driving instruction at AutoBahn Country Club in Joliet, IL? Seriously, who wouldn’t? Bring your car or drive one of their performance cars (Porsche or Maserati: How do you choose???). Women’s Day guests will be able to enter for prizes, including an AutoBahn gift certificate and more. So hurry and RSVP, and if you want to bring a friend, get her to RSVP, too. Tickets are free but space is limited and we don’t want you to miss out on this–or that possible gift certificate to AutoBahn!.

Find out more, and share our Women’s Day event on our Facebook page.

RSVP to join us for Women’s Day here! 

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