These Women are Inspiring #SeeHerGreatness – With Help from Buick

Women's college softball is growing in popularity and Buick is helping, inspiring everyone from young girls to champions, with its support of #SeeHerGreatness

A Girls Guide To Cars | These Women Are Inspiring #Seehergreatness – With Help From Buick - College Softball

Players, fans and little girls with hope in their eyes #SeeHerGreatness.

I spent my high school days working towards a softball state championship, a college scholarship, and a trip to the Women’s College World Series. In those days I dreamed of becoming the next Lisa Fernandez, Dot Richardson, and Crystl Bustos. Their skills on the field were unmatched and are still considered some of the greatest softball players of all time.

I never won that state championship or played in the Women’s College World Series, but my love for the game still burns inside me. Every June I make the drive to Oklahoma City to watch the eight best college softball teams compete for the championship, cheer with 13,000 fans and sample sponsors offerings, including Buick vehicles on display.

The stands are filled with parents, alumni, softball fans of all ages, and little girls with hope in their eyes. The young girls are decked out in their travel softball jerseys, hair braided down the middle, and a look of determination to be on that field one day.

A Girls Guide To Cars | These Women Are Inspiring #Seehergreatness – With Help From Buick - Softball Field

Opening Day of the WCWS

What is the Women’s College World Series?

Held the first week of June in Oklahoma City, the last eight standing teams fight for the championship in the NCAA Division I softball tournament. With its growing popularity, there have been recent improvements to expand the capacity of the Hall of Fame Stadium so that 13,000 fans can watch the games. Even with the expansion, the games are sold out.

Outside the stadium is the WCWS Fan Fest. Softball fans can purchase merchandise, enjoy sports interactives (batting cages, speed pitch, ground balls, etc), photo opportunities, food and drink booths.

And, fans can check out Buick’s display of the newest vehicles. Buick helps to make this series happen. As an NCAA partner, the company showcases the series and athletes alongside their new vehicles. And, fans who are shopping for a car or want to know more about Buick can sit in the cars and explore all the features each vehicle has to offer – it’s a fun way to stretch the day at the series. 

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A Girls Guide To Cars | These Women Are Inspiring #Seehergreatness – With Help From Buick - Softball

WCWS Fan Fest

The popularity of College Softball

Softball has become the fastest-growing sport in the NCAA. With its continued promotion and added TV time, shows that softball fans will show up to watch these athletes if given the chance. 

In 2022, the championship finals were broadcast on ABC, the first time the WCWS has been on network TV. This year’s games have been televised on both ABC and ESPN with viewership reaching almost 2 million per game. 

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A Girls Guide To Cars | These Women Are Inspiring #Seehergreatness – With Help From Buick - Buick

Side view of the 2023 Buick Enclave Avenir

#SeeHerGreatness in College Softball

Those of us who are so passionate about women’s college softball are grateful for sponsors like Buick. They help us to be seen.

And, it’s important. Just look at these stats: 40% of NCAA athletes are women, but they receive less than 10% of media coverage. Buick has a mission to increase women’s visibility in sports and drive equality and inclusion in the media. What a great way to inspire young women and build a brand reputation at the same time.

A Girls Guide To Cars | These Women Are Inspiring #Seehergreatness – With Help From Buick - Buick Steeringwheel

Interior of 2023 Buick Enclave Avenir

Why Is Softball Important for Women?

There are 31,729 women who play NCAA softball each year. About 160 of those athletes make up the 8 teams that win a spot at the WCWS. The players go on to graduate college, hang up their cleats and step into the workforce.

Sure, they spent 4 years playing in the dirt, but the ultimate goal was to receive that diploma from their chosen college. These student-athletes understand they only have 4 years to be great on the field, but a lifetime to be great in everything else they do in life. In college softball is just one of the many things that they do; they will go on to be doctors, teachers, lawyers, mechanics, writers, coaches, moms.

So when I see Buick supporting the NCAA and showcasing #SeeHerGreatness not only on the field but in the classroom and beyond, it makes me want to support both the WCWS and Buick even more. I love that Buick sees that these ladies are more than softball players. That’s how we see ourselves.

And young fans attending the series are inspired; they continue to dream about one day making it to the WCWS. Continuing to expand the visibility not only in college softball but in other female sports is so important to the younger generation – to inspire them to continue to strive to be great and chase their dreams.

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