Women Like Muscle: Ford Mustang Is Best-Selling Sports Car With Women

2015 Ford Mustang
Credit: ford.com

Sports cars are not just for the guys.

There’s this perception that women don’t like cars the way guys like cars. Women drive things like minivans and nice, tame crossovers. Women do not drive sports cars and they most certainly do not drive muscle cars. Well, the Ford Mustang is the best-selling sports car among women in the United States, so take that, stereotypes.

We at A Girls Guide to Cars like all kinds of cars. Each has its place and that includes muscle cars. The fact that there is a time in many women’s lives when we have to buy something else to accommodate our families does not mean we don’t long for a little power just like the guys.

The Ford Mustang has been selling like hotcakes this year and it’s now the best-selling sports car in the world in addition to being a hit with women. According to Automotive News, the car has sold 76,214 units through the first half of the year. That’s a 56 percent increase. Sales among women are up 40 percent so the Mustang now owns 36 percent of the female sports car market. Boom.

As a woman who drives a muscle car, it irks me to no end when someone compliments “my husband’s car.” The assumption is that no woman would buy one of those horrid, noisy things unless a man had some say in the deal. I bet these were the same types that were shocked when women dared show their ankles back in the day. A lady must maintain a sense of decorum at all times. Bah, being a lady is overrated.

The next time you see a muscle car, don’t assume it belongs to some guy. There’s a good chance it belongs to a woman, especially if it’s a shiny, new Ford Mustang.

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