USED: 2018 Nissan Rouge SL AWD Review: Taking Pro Pilot Assist For a Spin

The All New Nissan Rogue Has Cool Tech Partnered With Thoughtful Features.

Cool Tech Partnered With Thoughtful Features Make The Nissan Rouge SL AWD a Firm, Family Favorite.

My sister has a Nissan Versa and adores it.

One of my besties also drives a Nissan sedan.

These are firm, fan favorites with smart, cool features that look good, feel good to drive and make perfect companions for road-tripping across Texas or driving up to the highway meet new babies and arriving in style.  So when I heard that the I was getting to try out the new Nissan Rouge SL AWD with Pro Pilot Assist in the gorgeous custom Calvary Blue, I couldn’t have been more excited and the Rouge more than met my challenge.

Who This Car is For:

Nissan has continued the strive toward premium interiors at a competitive price point.  The addition of Pro Pilot Assist is an added boon and the glimpse of the future available today.

  • Small Families
  • Millennials that want a sleek option for the week and a versatile road trip car for the weekend.
  • Professionals that desire a polished, small SUV for a moderate price.
  • Tech lovers will be happy to be some of the first to use the Pro Pilot Assist
  • New and Teen Drivers will feel comfortable with the NissanConnect and NissanIntelligence driver assistance safety features.

What This Car Costs:

  • Base FWD models start at S $24,800,  SV  $26,020, SL $31,080
  • The AWD editions begin at S $26,150, SV $27,370 , SL $32,530.
  • The Nissan Rouge SL AWD comes in just over $32,000 and comfortably outfitted in the model that I drove just over $35,000

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Gray And Gold Scarf Inside A Nissan Rogue With Red Interior

First tastes of the Nissan Rogue. Photo Credit: Teia Collier

Since this was my first time driving a Rouge, I wanted to see what the buzz was about.  I found the car eye-catching.  The lines are sleek and the Rouge comfortably seats 5 people. Sporting a solid feel of quality and quiet luxury,  the echo of craftsmanship and attention to detail are evident in most aspects of the construction from the rug anchors to the tucked away USB ports and multi-use cargo storage.  The car feels sturdy on the inside with tactile touch points of a premium vehicle in the cargo area, touch screen navigational console and the clean minimalistic styling of the vehicle itself.

Cool safety technology makes for a better ride and safer drive.

Pro Pilot Assist is a dream to work with — once you watch the video or read any of the safety guides that come with the car.  With both hands on the steering wheel, it acts like an enhanced version of you, gently correcting and modifying to provide you with a great long distance or highway driving experience.  Think Automated Driver Support on your terms with your input rather than Space Age Tech that removes the control from the driver’s hands.  Simply brilliant.

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Back Seat, Two Captain'S Chairs With A Cup Holder Console Between Them

The view from the driver’s seat to the back seat. Photo: Teia Collier

Thoughtful details enhance the rider experience and create space for life.

Details make a car.  Design and details also take a car from good to great.  When a brand thinks of the passengers, their experience, and their needs, it becomes evident in the details. In this instance, smooth, polished metals add a modern, sporty elegance.

A driver’s seat with gently pebbled, buttery leather and neat contrast stitching reminiscent of a great handbag is even better when it cradles the body and is adjustable in six different ways.

Looking for Pro Pilot Assist in a luxury SUV? It’s also available in the Infiniti QX50

Cool Tech That You Will Love!

The leather-wrapped steering wheel and easy to reach controls make the Nissan Rogue a pleasure to drive. Photo: Teia Collier

An intuitive navigational and connectivity console with a bright, large display that is accessible via thumb controls or by touch screen reminds you that you are living in a modern age when your desires can be met with the touch of a button.

Storage Solutions In The Trunk Of A Blue Rogue.

Plenty of storage space for luggage, sports equipment and more. Photo: Teia Collier

Open the trunk and notice the generous space allotment. Then take in the discreet Hide and Divide cargo storage tools. These fit into my life beautifully and allowed me to put the stroller, groceries and sports gear away with ease. Partner that with easily accessible car seat anchors and plenty of cup holders tucked into nooks and crannies and these make the Nissan Rogue a family-friendly ride that feels like a not-so-guilty pleasure.

Nissan Rogue Full Moon Roof.

Center armrest keeps kids from touch each other during car rides which is a sanity saver.  Photo: Teia Collier

I also loved the delightfully wide moonroof and marveled at the trunk that opens wide {according to the paperwork up to 77 degrees} with neat spaces and customizable plugins that makes a space for everything, helps it stay in its place and eliminates the crash and smash of your groceries, stroller and extra trunk gear rolling around the trunk.

The Nissan Rouge Pro Pilot Assist Has New Exciting Tech That Will Make Your Next Family Adventure That Much Better.

After an India Hicks photo shoot and a great lunch, it was a pleasure to snap a shot of my sister on Dallas’ McKinney Ave. Photo Credit: Teia Collier

What We Listened to in the Nissan Rogue

Enjoy your Nissan Rogue driving experience while listening to my Spotify playlist.

Thank you to the team at Nissan for their help in arranging this test drive.  As always, all opinions and statements are my own.

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