Introducing the Nissan Rogue Sport: The Perfect Crossover for City Life

The New Nissan Rogue Sport Is 12 Inches Shorter Than The Rogue.

The new Nissan Rogue Sport takes on the fast-growing compact CUV market.

Nissan has just introduced the Rogue Sport, a sportier, more compact version of its popular Rogue. The new Rogue Sport shares many of the design, utility and technology features that have made the Rogue Nissan’s best-selling vehicle in the United States. But with a slightly smaller body – and a more affordable price tag – it’s designed for younger, urban crossover utility vehicle, or CUV, buyers.

I had the opportunity to test drive the Rogue Sport around the great city of Nashville. After spending the day zipping through city streets and cruising down country back roads, I was impressed by the smooth ride and responsive handling. And while Nissan is targeting millennials for the Rogue Sport, I could absolutely see my future empty-nester self rambling around in this beauty.

The Nissan Rogue Sport And Some Cool Street Art In Nashville.

Posing with the Nissan Rogue Sport and some cool street art in Nashville. Photo by Shannon Entin.

Who this car is for

  • Singles, couples and small families
  • Millennials with an outgoing, social, city lifestyle
  • Buyers looking for more space than a compact sedan, while still seeking the maneuverability and fun-to-drive feel
  • Empty-nesters looking for a sporty, affordable vehicle

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Same Rogue safety, but sized for an urban environment

So what’s the difference between the Rogue and Rogue Sport? Besides cutting 12 inches in length and 6 inches in height, the Rogue Sport offers the same safety and technology features as the Rogue.

The New Nissan Rogue Sport Is 12 Inches Shorter Than The Rogue.

A side-by-side comparison of Nissan’s Rogue and the new Rogue Sport (bottom). Photo courtesy of Nissan.

The Rogue Sport offers city-dwellers a compact car that’s easy to park and maneuver, and only 9 cubic feet of storage is compromised. It also has tons of flexibility with the “Divide-N-Hide” shelving system that lets you move panels around and customize your cargo space. Fold the back seats flat for larger items, use the flip-up panel to keep things from rolling around, or stash valuables like a purse or laptop with the hide configurations. Weekend warriors rejoice!

You’ll get a comprehensive suite of Nissan Intelligent Safety Shield technologies, including:

  • Forward emergency braking with pedestrian detection
  • Around view monitor with moving object detection
  • Blind spot warning
  • Rear cross traffic alert
  • Lane departure warning
  • Lane departure prevention

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The Interior Of The Nissan Rogue Sport.

The interior of the Nissan Rogue Sport. Photo by Shannon Entin.

The Rogue Sport has all the comfort and technology you need. Dual zone climate control, heated steering wheel and front seats, heated outside mirrors, auto high beams, remote engine start, and intelligent cruise control are all available. And Nissan’s Xtronic transmission with sport mode shifter allows you to get that “manual transmission” feel out of your automatic.

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My favorite things: the around view camera and tire pressure monitoring (and yes, it rocks)

There are two things I really loved about the Rogue Sport, besides the comfort and technology. First was the around view monitor camera. During my test drive, Nissan had a fun station featuring a Rogue Sport with completely blacked-out side and back windows. I was able to back the car into a parking space using just the around view monitor – the cameras around the car provided a complete 360-degree view in the display. I didn’t have to look out the windows at all. And while I’ll always look out my windows in a real life situation, that around view monitor will make parking easy peasy in any situation.

Second, I loved the tire pressure monitoring system. As you fill a tire with air, the horn will honk and the exterior lights will flash to indicate when proper pressure has been achieved. So quick and simple!

Nissan'S New Rogue Sport Performs Well In The City And The Country.

Nissan’s new Rogue Sport performs well in the city and the country. Photo by Shannon Entin.

What It Costs

The 2017 Rogue Sport is offered in front-wheel and intuitive all-wheel drive configurations, and in three grade levels – S, SV and SL.

  • S FWD $21,420
  • SV FWD $23,020
  • SL FWD $26,070
  • S AWD $22,770
  • SV AWD $24,370
  • SL AWD $27,420 (this is the model I drove)

And, you don’t have to wait; its on sale now.

Go Test Drive Nissan'S New Rogue Sport!

Go test drive Nissan’s new Rogue Sport! Photo by Shannon Entin.


Disclosure: I was Nissan’s guest for the Rogue Sport test drive. Travel and accommodations were provided but opinions expressed are my own.

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