What Drives Her: Stacy Swank Brings Perfection To Lincoln

Lincoln Mkx
Stacy gets hands on in the Lincoln MKX

Craftsmanship Supervisor Stacy Swank elevates Lincoln’s luxury standards and leads the brand to a new level: Black Label.

Lincoln Mkx

Check out the metal accents in the rear cargo area of the 2016 Lincoln MKX

Many designers and engineers go into automotive because there is a family history. For Stacy Swank, her last name may have been a natural entrée to luxury cars. As the Lincoln Craftsmanship Supervisor, she has responsibility for the execution of all Lincoln vehicles with a focus on the interior. Stacy also leads the effort to develop new craftsmanship standards and initiatives for Lincoln interiors.

Lincoln Mkx

The interior of the swanky 2016 Lincoln MKX Black Label edition.

A career in the auto industry wasn’t in Stacy’s sites when she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Tulsa. “To be truthful, I didn’t know much about cars before I started work at Ford [and Lincoln, Ford’s luxury offspring]. I didn’t grow up in Detroit, where the automotive industry is such a big part of the culture. However, some members of my family were definitely car enthusiasts. My great-uncle owned a dealership in a small town in Kansas. We would usually buy our cars from him – and when I was a kid I always thought it was fun to visit his dealership and see all the new vehicles. My great-grandfather loved cars. He was so excited when I went to work for Ford – he told me all about how he had a Model T touring car back in the 1930s that he drove on a road trip to California. He drove until he was 95, and was always proud of his new cars, which he purchased every few years.”

Stacy’s first car was also a family affair; she bought her grandmother’s 10 years old 1978 Buick LeSabre, driving it in high school and college. Today she has an Lincoln MKC crossover, and she enthuses, “I love it!”

Craftsmanship  bridges the worlds of engineering and design


Attention to detail in the door panel

For those who don’t know what a Craftsmanship Supervisor is, Stacy, explained, “I have responsibility for the craftsmanship execution of all of our Lincoln vehicles, with a focus on the interior, as well as leading the effort to develop new craftsmanship standards and initiatives for our Lincoln interiors.”

Before taking over craftsmanship – she has been with Ford for almost 22 years, and Lincoln for four years – Stacy focused on door trim and car interiors; the first car she worked on was the 1995 Ford Crown Victoria. Stacy said, “I spent much of my career working on the Mustang door trim, and other interiors in the Mustang. Between our luxury Lincoln vehicles, and the Ford Mustang, I’ve been very lucky to get to work on some really fun programs.”

Pampering Lincoln’s passengers with a focus on details

Lincoln Mkx

Stacy Swank checking the interior of a Lincoln MKX

In the new MKX, Stacy is “most proud of the execution of the cargo area. The team did a great job making all of the trim parts integrated. The metal accents throughout the cargo area are an elegant touch. I also really like the electronic release for the glovebox. This cleans up the glovebox surface and is a unique feature.”

The ultimate level of luxury: Black Label

The 2016 MKX is one of the vehicles that has the new, even more luxurious Black Label edition, an elite model of all-new Lincoln vehicles that offers designer themes and exclusive membership privileges. Craftsmanship took the lead for creating the look for Lincoln Black Label, procuring the hand-wrapped and hand-built premium materials and then incorporating them in a way that not only evokes a bespoke feeling, but also, sets a new standard of luxury.

Lincoln Mkx

Yes, interior is great – and the exterior of the 2016 Lincoln MKX is pretty special, too

To help keep her current ride pristine, Stacy makes good use of the reversible, all-weather mats. She keeps the easy-to-clean side up to protect the carpet. Her MKC gets heavy use from road trips to transporting teenagers from her church’s youth group, where she volunteers.

Note: all images provided by Lincoln.


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