Volkswagen Captures Our Hearts With The Unwritten Rules of the Road Videos

Unwritten Rules Of The Road
Unwritten Rules of the Road

Did anyone catch the recent Volkswagen YouTube series with comedian Chris Distefano?

In these clever clips, he lays out VW’s “Unwritten Rules of the Road” with his take on how things should be done. I watched them all. And, I agree with him 100%. I don’t know about your part of the world, but I can vouch for the not-so-nice driving habits I’ve witnessed here in New York City and just across the state line in New Jersey.¬† Perhaps bad behavior stems from too many hours in COVID lockdowns, but it seems most drivers have forfeited any etiquette they were previously taught. I suspect our roads aren’t the only ones inhabited by brain-fogged drivers.

Please join me as I review Volkswagen’s brilliantly written road rules. And, yes, I’m expanding to cover myriad other issues in this girl’s guide to the unwritten rules of the road!

Rule #1, Honking Etiquette

Living in Manhattan, honking horns occur so frequently that they’re expected. But even with the endless honks, those really hard honks get everyone’s attention. The worst happens when someone double parks on a narrow side street and then abandons their vehicle to run inside “for just a minute.” From the first person arriving behind this inconsiderate driver to the next 10 in line, the hard honks start and continue incessantly until the unpopular driver returns to the car. I won’t begin to share with you the verbal exchanges that occur when this happens! While incessant honking isn’t polite, neither is blocking an entire street. I’ll give these honkers a pass.

One honking tactic that I cannot condone is honking over the car or cars in front of you. Priority honking belongs to the car at the front of the line. You simply can’t honk over.

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Rule #2, Dibs on Parking Spots

Yes, people who think it’s acceptable to stand in a parking spot to save it for someone are not following proper parking etiquette. But I believe another parking style is even worse. Did you ever see that scene in Fried Green Tomatoes where Kathy Bates rams the heck out of a car because the girl driving it stole the parking spot she was patiently waiting for?¬†Take a look!

After whipping into the empty space before Kathy could get there, the two young women haughtily said, “Face it, lady, we’re younger and faster!” After repeatedly running into the parked car, she responded with “Face it, girls, I’m older and have more insurance.” It’s one of my all-time favorite scenes.

Rule #3, Lane Samplers

Similar to those shoppers that roam from bin to bin in the grocery produce section sampling grapes along the way, lane samplers on the road are equally annoying. At least the drivers aren’t handling food. But seriously, can’t you just find a lane and stay in it? If you need to pass another vehicle, fine. Do it and get back in your lane. But this rambling from lane to lane is unnecessary and dangerous. Stop it!

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Rule #4, Park Evenly

I know we’re taught to color between the lines, but personally, I think it’s fun to venture outside those boundaries and create something a bit more artistic. Or maybe that’s just the excuse I’ve used through the years since I have absolutely no artistic ability! But when it comes to parking, I’m firmly centered between the lines. I just wish the apartment building residents assigned to the adjoining spaces were as particular. Isn’t it fun to try to squeeze into a parking spot where the neighboring vehicles are crowding into your space? No, it’s not.

Rule #5, Thank You Wave

We need more of these thank you waves, don’t you agree? Just think how nice it would be to receive these when you’ve been kind enough to let someone into traffic ahead of you. Growing up in the South, I was accustomed to seeing drivers smile and wave at other drivers. In New York City, we see waves too, but often it’s only with one finger if you know what I mean. Maybe we need to start a thank you wave crusade, who’s with me?

Hopefully these videos bring a smile to people’s faces, and maybe just a little more awareness of some unwritten rules of the road!

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