The Antidote to the SUV: Top 10 Reasons Why I Love the Kia Soul GT

Kia Soul Gt

The 2020 Kia Soul GT Turbo is the perfect car for young hip moms (like me).

And I don’t mean like the “cool mom” from “Mean Girls.” It’s versatile for a number of reasons you may not even know that you needed just yet. Whether you’re gearing up for a family road trip or simply need space for daily driving, the freshly designed Kia Soul GT in this scorching hot Inferno Red paint job is sure to turn heads.

My babies are on board, but I can still rock this Kia Soul, which is nicely priced from $20,000 to about $28,000 fully loaded, fresh off the assembly line! Am I doing this right? Check “yes” for style and grace, mamas.

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Kia Soul Gt

The 2020 Kia Soul GT in Inferno Red. ? Natalie Merola

No, This Isn’t a Minivan. You Can Keep Your Cool Points—I Promise.

(And if you rock out in the ambiance of “Baby Shark” on your next road trip, Siri will ensure via CarPlay that you don’t miss the next exit.

The 2020 Kia Soul model ponied up with girl power in full force! This car wants to fly with the lightest touch on the gas pedal. Press easy, babes! Since it packs a punch when you need to get around, you might want to stick to fuel efficiency by adhering to the speed limit. Even zipping around to test the fuel efficiency, I’m impressed with the gas economy. By this time in life, driving safely around is even more of a high priority— especially with precious cargo in the backseat! In my experience, if I can kick those speedy tendencies, I’m leaning towards owning the Inferno Red and joining the Kia Soul club.

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A Girls Guide To Cars | The Antidote To The Suv: Top 10 Reasons Why I Love The Kia Soul Gt - Top 10 Reasons I Love The Kia Soul Natalie Merola 24Top 10 Reasons Why I Love the Kia Soul

Go ahead and manspread! In this bountiful car, enjoy personal space with your family. It’s a luxury to get “me time” and make everyone happy all at the same time in a car. Want to road trip or manage your day-to-day with ease? It’s all that and more. It’s the perfect first car for a new family since it has everything you’ll need. Cheers to you if you’re the hustling on the go-type, too! Who would’ve thought that I’d consider the Kia Soul? Perspective changes when you grow and have different needs that need to be met. Check out why I think you’ll love the Kia Soul for the reasons I’m a fan.

1. That vibrant Kia Soul GT-Line Inferno Red color catches the eye like a wildfire!

Look at the photo above. Enough said. She is a beauty on fire! ?

Kia Soul Gt

I loved that I could reach the top of the trunk to close it! ? Natalie Merola

2. The Versatility to Grow With Your Ride.

From college to single-family life, there are many great ways to utilize the Kia Soul’s space! Moving furniture, strollers, and camera gear, it’ll be there for you when transitioning through different life stages. Longevity and cost efficiency is underrated!

Kia Soul Gt

I loved the efficient use of trunk space, including this shelf that allows you to bring more! ? Natalie Merola


3. Enough Trunk Space For Your Bags to Stack Efficiently.

This is where putting those Tetris skills comes in handy! With so much room, it’s easy to overpack. After all, it’ll be that second home when hitting the road.

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Kia Soul Gt

The “D” shaped steering wheel gives the Kia Soul GT a sporty look and feel; and with the turbo you’ll need the hands free system! ? Natalie Merola

4. The Tech-Savvy Kia Soul Steering Wheel and CarPlay System Rocks.

I love that the Kia Soul promotes safe driving while allowing the opportunity to still enjoy entertainment and calls— all without distractions or interruptions.

Kia Soul Gt

I loved the responsiveness of the turbo; you just tap the accelerator and zoom, away you go! ? Natalie Merola

5. Like to Go Fast? This Turbo Packs a Punch!

This is far from a compromise. This car moves like it’s nobody’s business. It’s a new era for moms driving in comfort and style. (If you gave up your Mustang for a sedan like I did, you know what I mean!)

Kia Soul Gt

The front cabin of the Kia Soul GT. There is enough space between the driver and passenger so no one is rubbing elbows. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. ? Natalie Merola

6. Whether You’re the Driver or the Co-Pilot, There’s Enough Space to Sit Back and Relax to Enjoy the Ride.

The seats are comfy, and there’s no struggle elbow-to-elbow across the armrest. When in the passenger seat, the co-pilot is typically the navigator on trips. While the driver focuses, the navigator can also easily access the touchscreen from their seat. This makes everything seamless and safer for all. And if you need to pass the kiddos some snacks, there’s an optimal range to reach back successfully for a hand-off.  

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Kia Soul Gt

My son’s car seat was easy to install the roof height helped– we didn’t hit his head on it once! ? Natalie Merola

6. Need to Install a Car Seat? Three Cheers for Kiddo Space!

There’s enough space where your little one won’t be bumping the back of your chair, especially when rear-facing or kicking from a front-facing car seat. Sweet victory!

Kia Soul Gt

The door handles on the Soul echos the square aesthetic of the car; the speakers are integrated into the waffle-textured door panel. ? Natalie Merola

7. A Sleek Exterior and an Interior With An Eye on Details

It’s no wonder the 2020 Kia Soul is commanding the attention it deserves. It’s smooth and easy to clean, especially when I can be clumsy and my son is a child, so you do the math. Both stylish and functional is a win for me.

Kia Soul Gt

Turn it up. Go ahead. It’s worth it. ? Natalie Merola

8. Some Like it Loud, and I’m Ready to Rock With this Concert-Like System.

It has earned its modern appeal with its amplified sound system, which clearly blows away the competition. Harman/Kardon sets the tone for any car karaoke. This concert venue on wheels awaits—and I’m so into it!

Kia Soul Gt

Doesn’t this car look good on me? ? Natalie Merola

9. I Don’t Want “No Scrubs,” But I Can Hang Out the Trunk Side. That’s Cool, Right?

I want to enjoy more of the outdoors and adventures of a road trip, so this has been insightful. I felt comfortable sitting with the trunk open and jamming out. It’s fun to spend time with family and friends with the different musical settings create a perfectly parked concert. If you tailgate, this could be a plus!

Kia Soul Gt

I loved the details, from the red stitching on black leather to the Soul logo on the seats. ? Natalie Merola

10. It Looks Good With Every #OOTD

And I mean, it’s got the aesthetic down to every last detail. The Kia Soul GT is quite the accessory and it goes with every outfit of the day. Hello, red stitching! It pulls on my heart strings for color coordination. A gal may or may not have a uniform wardrobe, but I can imagine all of the photoshoots in my black, white, and red outfits to make this car pop. Meow! Well, I’m more partial to the Inferno Red (if you couldn’t tell), but it also comes in ten other colors and seven color combinations.

If you find yourself in a Kia Soul you get to watch the phenomena occur: Souls will park next to other Souls. Heads will turn. Smiles will broaden. Your friends will ask you to drive. And you’ll gladly say yes because you love driving your car, even if you’re rocking it to the playground blasting “Baby Shark.”

What We Really Listened to in the Kia Soul GT

We were inspired by the fun turbo drive, the Inferno Red color and the Harman/Kardon sound system to turn it up. This is what sounded really great in the Kia Soul GT.

Disclosure: Kia provided the Soul GT for my test drive; all opinions are my own. Always! 

The Antidote To The Suv: Top 10 Reasons Why I Love The Kia Soul Gt

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