Toyota Teaches Teens: Free Supplemental Teen Driver Courses

Teen Driver

Teen DriverFurther Your Teens’ Driving Ability with Toyota’s Help

When a doctor gets his medical license, his medical training doesn’t end. But when newly minted teen drivers get their license, they usually have no further instruction.

Toyota wants to change that.

The car company offers a series of free courses and events for teen drivers along with their parents to supplement driver education courses and better prepare inexperienced drivers.

Teen Driver

Toyota free teen courses include parent and child

The free driving courses and driver simulations are held at car shows and Toyota dealerships around the country. Teens have to have a permit or license, and a parent or guardian must also participate in the driving courses; for simulators, kids need to be at least 13.

Young drivers learn more about defensive driving skills and, important for teens in a tech-obsessed world, about distracted driving.

The 2 1/2 hour Defensive Driving Course, taught by professional drivers, helps teens become better defensive drivers – and offers parents coaching tips so they can help their teens Teen Driverbecome more responsible drivers. The safety clinics, also 2.5 hours, offer many of the same techniques, but do not include a behind-the-wheel portion.

Content on the Toyota Driving Expectations website includes information for parents, teens and teachers.


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