Road Trip in the 2018 Toyota Camry: This is Why We Love a Toyota Sedan

A Girls Guide To Cars | Road Trip In The 2018 Toyota Camry: This Is Why We Love A Toyota Sedan - Zane And Her Camry Feature Image

The right companion is key to a good road trip.

By Zane Aveton

If you’re like us, we love traveling in the shoulder season. Crowds are small, reservations are easy to come by, the weather (usually) is good and you get to really see the places you visit – rather than throngs of tourists.

October is that time in Georgia and Florida. We were Toyota’s guest for a drive along the coast from Savannah to St. Augustine to soak in some sunshine and local culture.

But the right travel companion was key. And the Toyota Camry didn’t disappoint.

We Love A Toyota Sedan For Road Trips

The Camry’s new design stands out, even in Savannah. Photo: Zane Aveton

What the Camry Costs:

  • The L base price is $23,495
  • The Hybrid XLE starts at adds $32,250
  • The XSE starts at $34,950
  • Total for model I drove: $37,640
Signature Style Toyota Camry

The Camry’s steering wheel has lots of function built in, such as cruise control and driver information display options. Photo: Scotty Reiss

The Camry was just redesigned, and I loved how it really stood out among the cars we saw on the road. The front grille, the car’s silhouette, and shape have a modern, elegant feel.

Inside it features premium finishes and every safety and tech feature you need for a great (and safe) road trip.

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We Love A Toyota Sedan For Road Trips

The 2018 Camry at the Mansion on Forsyth in Savannah, GA. Photo: Zane Aveton

Seeing the Road in a Sedan: Getting Closer to Everything

The ‘hammock’ of oaks and pines in the South leave you feeling closer to nature, even if you are never closer than looking out the passenger’s window. Being in a sedan, you’re closer to the road and can see things in a bit more detail.

We Love A Toyota Sedan For Road Trips

My drive partner hopping into the Camry. I did eventually get a chance to drive. Photo: Zane Aveton

The feeling of the hammock is the richness of nature; seeing it from the luxury of the Toyota Camry is even more opulent.

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We Love A Toyota Sedan For Road Trips

This is what the road ahead looks like in Georgia. Photo: Zane Aveton

The Sunroof Lets the Sunshine In

Did I mention we were here to soak up some sun? And we did, both at the beach and in the car by opening the sun roof. Feeling the sun flicker and sparkle as it filtered through the oak trees gave our trip a magical feel.

We Love A Toyota Sedan For Road Trips

Sunshine is easier to soak up with a panoramic sunroof. Photo: Zane Aveton

A Smart Infotainment System Helps You Get Around

On a road trip you want to take the road less traveled, but a good navigation and entertainment system is important. The Camry’s system helped us to find our destinations, restaurants and sights to see, and we had good tunes to listen to along the way. The premium JBL sound system helps (so does my killer playlist ????)

Signature Style Toyota Camry

The front cabin of the 2018 Camry. Rich red leather made time in the Camry feel richer, more lush than its $38K price tag. Photo: Scotty Reiss

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We Love A Toyota Sedan For Road Trips

The Camry’s infotainment screen. Photo: Zane Aveton

Finally, the Beach! 

THIS is the magic of shoulder season. No crowds. Warm weather. Wind in your hair, sun on your shoulders, fresh air to fill your lungs. Take a seat on the jetty and soak up some sun.

We Love A Toyota Sedan For Road Trips

The Camry at the Beach. Photo: Zane Aveton

Can’t you just feel the sea breeze? The sun, blue skies and fresh air are all so relaxing. And gets me ready for the hectic season ahead. Someone called it HallowThanksMas. That sounds about right!

We Love A Toyota Sedan For Road Trips

Taking the Camry to the beach for the day. Check out that crowd! Photo: Zane Aveton

What we Listened to in the Toyota Camry


Disclosure: I was Toyota’s guest for this test drive. Travel and accommodations were provided but all opinions are my own.

Road Trips Should Be Fun, Relaxing And Rewarding. The Perfect Companion For Seeing Georgia And Florida Coast During Shoulder Season? The 2018 Toyota Camry!