Top 2018 Family Cars that Will Wow You and Your Wallet

The Honda Odyssey Will Continue Be One Of The Best Minivans Of 2018 With Loads Of Useful Minivan Features
The Honda Odyssey will continue be one of the most sought after 2018 family cars. Photo by Maria Smith

The 2018 family cars are launching soon. Get ready to be wowed!

These SUVs, wagons, and minivans are not the vehicles you “have” to drive because you have a bunch of kids anymore. They are the ones you “want” to drive, no matter if you have kids tagging along or not.

The 35th anniversary of the Atlanta International Auto Show allowed me the opportunity to see a number of models from different car manufactures and see them in a nearly side-by-side comparison. While some people found themselves ogling the sexy two-seaters and DeLorean-like futuristic vehicles, I had my eye out for third row seats, in vehicle entertainment systems, and a trunk that can easily fit a stroller. You know…the important things!

These 2018 Family Cars Are Good For Your Wallet And Your Family.

These 2018 family cars are good for your wallet and your family. Photo by Maria Smith

Torque, towing capacity, and horsepower are important, but as a mom looking for her next family car, there are some practical specifications that are just as important. I kept my eye out for details that most moms would want to know about. While each family is different, depending on the number and ages of the kids, there really is something for everyone. Here are the best 2018 family cars.

Four of the most affordable 2018 family cars:

1.      Chevrolet Traverse

The Chevy Traverse Is As Impressive Under The Hood As It Is On The Outside.

The Chevy Traverse is as impressive under the hood as it is on the outside. Photo by Maria Smith

The Chevy Traverse is one of the most economical options out of all the 2018 family cars. (Pricing will be released later in 2017 but it should start below $30,000.)  It has seating for eight, and that could be eight adults as the leg room is impressive.  It actually boasts best in class third row leg room with a full 33.7 inches back there. For anyone towing a boat or trailer, the Traverse has segment-leading maximum cargo capacity too.

I liked how the 2018 Traverse focused on purposeful storage throughout the cabin. The ten cup holders are sure to be very helpful. For those that want a bit of drama in their family car, go for the Black Currant color, which is new for 2018. I see the Traverse as the car for those who want to move out of the minivan class, but still need the space to tote kids and all their stuff.

2.      Chevrolet Equinox

The Chevrolet Equinox Is Sporty And Sleek And One Of The Best 2018 Family Cars.

The Chevrolet Equinox is sporty and sleek. Photo by Maria Smith

This compact SUV is perfect for the family with two or three kids who are trying desperately not to buy a big car. The 2018 model is lighter and more efficient with more “purposeful technology” features. It also has upgraded safety features such as the Safety Alert System that vibrates when you get too close to an object. It is compatible with Android Auto Place and Apple Car Play. And, it offers Wi-Fi! Ford recently announced it would offer an unlimited data plan for only $20 per month for use for up to seven devices.

You can also wirelessly stream TV, videos and gaming and it is compatible with SlingBox. Your kids will never miss an episode of “Sponge Bob” ever again. This five-passenger SUV will start just under $25,000, making it one of the more affordable 2018 family cars.

Want to know more about the transformation of the Equinox? Read the full article here. 

3.      Honda Odyssey

The Honda Odyssey Will Continue Be One Of The Most Sought After 2018 Family Cars.

The Honda Odyssey will continue to be one of the most sought after 2018 family cars. Photo by Maria Smith

One of the perennial favorites when it comes to cars that are made for families, the Honda Odyssey is always sure to be near the top of that list. Known for terrific resale value, low maintenance costs, and tons of useful optional features, Honda understands what families want. Starting with their 2018 model, Honda has made the Odyssey even safer too. In fact, it was just given a top safety pick plus rating.  The Driver Attention Monitor seemed especially valuable to me. It can sense if you aren’t paying attention and sends a warning to get you back on track.

The Odyssey is one of the top-rated 2018 family cars because of its “magic” slide system for giving families easy access to the third row. It also includes the in-car intercom to talk to your kids through the headphones, liftgate technology (no more juggling grocery bags and trying to open the trunk), and an optional vacuum! One of my favorite features though is how kids can track the progress of your trip on the entertainment monitor…just like on an airplane. No more “are we there yet?” is music to my ears! The 2018 Odyssey will be priced reasonably, starting out around $30,000 and topping off around $45,000.

4.      Toyota Sienna

The 2018 Toyota Sienna Lives Up To The 'Swagger Wagon' Moniker.

The 2018 Toyota Sienna lives up to the ‘swagger wagon’ moniker. Photo by Maria Smith

There is a reason the Sienna was given the name the “swagger wagon”. Yes, it is a minivan but it’s a cool minivan. And the 2018 model just improves upon that. It is a little sleeker than other minivans with Toyota’s top-shelf dependability and safety standards. And the base model starts under $30,000.

Starting in 2018, the “Safety Sense” technology, which includes collision avoidance and driver assistance technologies, will be available on every model. The Toyota Sienna, refreshed for 2018, has incorporated all the technology you would expect to find in a luxury car. From HDMI ports to charging outlets to split screen ability in the entertainment system, families will love the ability to stay connected.  The LE, SE, and XLE versions also add Entune Audio Plus with Safety Connect as well as a Wi-Fi Connect service that can handle up to five paired devices. Plus, all Siennas come with five USB ports spread throughout all three rows of the minivan. And if you have an Android phone, you’ll be able stream movies to the entertainment system too!

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Isn’t it good to know there are excellent family vehicle options coming that won’t break your budget?

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