Tires: The Newest Safety Innovation

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GroovytiresMichelin Premier A/S Tires at the Auto Show

Tires are not the sexiest part of your car; upgrading them is like renovating your home with a new hot water heater. But they are vital and most drivers tend to ignore them until there is a problem: a flat, the wrong tires for snow, or a skid due to bad tread.


Michelin Premier A/S Tires

These tire problems are not seen by everyone. But unless you live in the desert, you likely have driven in rain -and wouldn’t it be nice to have tires that work well in wet conditions?

Groovy Tires

Michelin is making just that. Its new Premier A/S, debuted at the North American International Auto Show, has expanding grooves in four channels around the tire. The grooves funnel water away from the tires, decreasing stopping time on wet roads.

Evolving While Revolving

And the tire doesn’t wear out like a traditional tire. As the tire wears, the channels become wider and the grooves continue to keep water away.

The Michelin Premier A/S is designed for sedans and will come out in spring. Another model will come out later in the year, the Premier LTX, for SUV’s and crossovers.

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