The Haul: Urban Farm Inspiration Found at Epcot

Epcot Flower Show
Inspired by Epcot's urban garden, this is what my trunk will look like this weekend

What did you bring home last time you went to Disney?

For me, it was a ton of photos of what I want to do in my garden this summer (not that I will, but I’ll try!).

No, I’m not talking about Mickey topiaries or attempting to craft my own Frozen-themed privet hedge, but rather, Disney’s urban farming ideas that were on display at the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival.

Epcot Flower Show

My friend Lorraine and me at Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival; the topiaries were spectacular, but the urban garden was inspired. Credit: Scotty Reiss for AGirlsGuidetoCars

Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival: An eye-opening inspiration

I never knew Disney had a flower show until I visited in April. Set in Epcot, gardening magic is showcased throughout the park (the Flower and Garden Show runs from March until mid-May). In some areas iconic movie scenes and characters are recreated in plant sculptures, in other areas, plantings enhance the cultural feel of each international pavilion.

Epcot Flower Show

One of the ‘kitchens’ featured American barbecue and craft beer. Credit: Scotty Reiss for AGirlsGuidetoCars

For example, Epcot’s French pavilion is ensconced in beautiful plantings and a temporary “kitchen” that allows guests to sample small bites of French cuisine and cocktails (which carry small prices, too); in Italy you can nibble on pasta and cocktails; in the USA section of the park we sampled barbecue and local craft beer. My friends Dana Zucker and Sherry Wernicke took a comprehensive survey of of all the kitchen areas in Epcot during the flower show and shared it on TravelingMom.

OK, I can do this: Urban farm ideas that are easy to recreate

Epcot Flower Show

Container garden advice: how great is this??? Credit: Scotty Reiss for AGirlsGuidetoCars

But the display that really captivated me was the Urban Farm Eats, which we came across when we entered the park. In a smartly planted small space, you can see how each garden can be carried out on a patio, balcony, deck or yard. And, some of the ideas are especially great because they are designed to conserve water and inhibit small animals from making themselves at home in your garden.

Many of the gardens were planted in small tubs or containers; but the one that most inspired me was the herb tower, a pyramid-shaped tower of ‘shelves’ that allow you to plant all sorts of herbs. The tower is a space saver and also, makes quite a beautiful centerpiece for a yard.

Home Depot, here we come

Epcot Flower Show

The most irresistible of all: The garden tower in Epcot’s Urban Farm. Credit: Scotty Reiss for AGirlsGuidetoCars

As I looked at the great gardening ideas on display it became clear that I could buy most of the needed materials at my local Home Depot and get started as soon as the weather warmed at home. Even the garden tower looked easy enough to build.

Now I know what we’ll be doing this weekend!

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