The 2023 Toyota Prius Builds On Its Status As An Icon. Will You Recognize It?

2023 Toyota Prius
2023 Toyota Prius

The 2023 Prius is still an icon of the future of driving, and it’s gotten a streamlined new look.

Toyota’s most innovative cornerstone vehicle, the car you could argue launched us into a new era of fuel efficiency, clean driving, and electrification (even though it’s not an all-electric car) has received a huge makeover. The 2023 Toyota Prius is ready for the new era of hybrids.

I can remember seeing the first generation of the Prius on Gilmore Girls as the car Rory’s grandparents gifted her. And I can remember the second generation Prius Claire drives down a highway in one of the most epic television series finales ever, Six Feet Under. It’s recognizable in its new form as there are some design cues that give a nod to the Prius’s past design. But the new version is sleeker, more modern looking, and definitely sportier.

If you’re already interested in buying the 2023 Toyota Prius, you’ll have to sit tight for a second. There is no official sale date or pricing yet, it will be announced later this year.

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The Front Looks A Lot Leaner And Sharp. Photo: Sara Lacey

The front looks a lot leaner and sharper. Photo: Sara Lacey

The Prius has Been the Automotive Symbol of Environmentalism for 22 Years

The Prius should be at the forefront of any conversation about “going electric,” as often times people realize they aren’t quite ready to take the electric leap. The redesigned 2023 Toyota Prius can’t have come at a hotter moment for alternative cars. But as popular as EV’s are, hybrids are sitting in the background, waiting for people to remember they’re here. Because sometimes there are obstacles to EV ownership. And when that realization hits, the next, most obvious cars to consider are hybrids.

Toyota’s A Proud Parent

And they’re not shy about it. According to Toyota, they have sold over 5 million hybrids sold in North America, (and over 20 million worldwide). What this means to us all collectively is that Toyota hybrids “have prevented over 82 million tons of CO2 emissions from entering the atmosphere.” So you don’t just get a break using so much gasoline (and the high costs that go with it), we all get a break from those emissions. And now, the 2023 Prius will be the most fuel-efficient Prius to date, Toyota says the Prius will get 57 MPG combined fuel economy rating. Bear in mind this will be on the LE front wheel drive model.

Also, Toyota’s given the Prius a new battery pack. The new lithium ion battery will have a 15% increase in output over the outgoing nickel metal battery. The lithium ion is also smaller and lighter weight. This has enabled Toyota to implement some design changes, including making the Prius sit a little lower to the ground, and have a wider stance, too. Also, there is a larger 2.0l engine, which means that you’ll get a faster Prius (0-60 in 7.2 seconds in the front wheel drive model).

The Prius will have Normal, Sport, and Eco modes. You will still also be able to put the car into EV Mode, which makes the car run on battery power only.

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2023 Toyota Prius Dashboard. Photo: Sara Lacey

2023 Toyota Prius dashboard. Photo: Sara Lacey

The Prius comes with a standard 8 inch touchscreen There’s an upgrade to a 12.3 inch touchscreen for the multimedia system, (unless you opt for the Limited trim, then the 12.3 inch screen comes standard). A nifty feature is the “Hey Toyota” voice command for navigation, entertainment options, and climate control options too. Remote connect service allows you to lock and unlock your Prius remotely and also start the car. The app will also allow you to check your car’s status. You can also get a remote key function on the XLE and Limited trims. You will get a one-year trial of this service!

Also, the Prius allows dual Bluetooth connectivity. I can’t wait to see how this works. Will I be able to have my device connected for navigation, and my daughter’s device connected for music? Standby readers, we will update you when we get behind the wheel.

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The Angled Taillights Are Iconic. Photo: Sara Lacey

The angled taillights are iconic! Photo: Sara Lacey

Safety at the Forefront

A new safety feature for Prius will be Proactive Driving Assist. This program uses the radar and cameras to gently steer the car, or provide braking, maintain distance between you and other cars in front of you, and more. Think of it like a co-pilot.

The Prius will also have the Toyota Safety Sense suite of safety features. Pre-Collision system, Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist, Full-Speed Range Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (detecting cars next to you, not just in front of you). And my favorite, Road Sign Assist. Road sign assist shows you the speed limit of the road you’re driving, so you always know how fast to go.

So What will you get With Your Prius?

The LE will come standard with 17 inch alloy wheels, 8 inch multimedia touchscreen, 6 USB-C ports, blind spot monitor with rear cross traffic alert, and more. The XLE will come with 19 inch wheels, the same touchscreen as the LE, digital auto-dimming rear view mirror with home link, two more cupholders in the rear seat, driver and front passenger heated seats, power driver’s seat, rain sensing wipers, smart key, wireless charger, and more. You can opt in for the aforementioned larger, 12.3 inch multimedia touchscreen, a fixed glass roof, and a digital key.

Select the Limited trim, and you get the 12.3 inch touchscreen, a premium JBL sound system with 8 speakers, a fixed glass roof, heated steering wheel, driver and front passenger heated and ventilated seats, digital key, and power back door. You can opt in for the advanced parking system, digital rearview mirror, heated rear seats, and a panoramic view monitor.

Available with front or all-wheel drive, the 2023 Prius will remain a solid option for those wanting out from under the costs and expense of an all-gasoline powered car. The Prius has the heritage, it’s has the reliability, it has the environmental credentials, and now it has streamlined new looks to turn the heads of the next generation.

The Rear Angle Of The Prius. Photo: Sara Lacey

The rear angle of the Prius. Photo: Sara Lacey

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