How to Take an Awesome Car Nail Selfie

Car Nail Selfie Gmc


You’ve seen it all over Instagram- the car nail selfie.

And maybe you’ve tried to take your own but just couldn’t…nail it? Not to worry, because we’re going to teach you how to take an awesome car nail selfie! Just another great use for the car 😉

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Tips before you start snapping nail selfies:

  • Be sure there’s good lighting. Natural daylight is the best!
  • For a better photo, moisturize your hands.
  • De-clutter. While most of these are close-ups, you don’t want any garbage in your background.
  • Use the hashtags like #carnailfie #carkeys #nailsofinstagram or tag us for a repost and use #AGGNailfie 🙂

How to Take an Awesome Car Nail Selfie

Using Your Steering Wheel for Support

If you’re a little shy, try the steering wheel trick. Softly place your fingers over the steering wheel and make sure your thumbnail also shows.

The Claw

Ohhhhh…the claw! As the little green aliens exclaimed in awe during Toy Story, your followers will do the same. Make a fierce claw, place above the steering wheel and snap!


This hashtag is a super popular one on Instagram. Be cute a creative (as shown above) and match your mani to your car keys and keychain!

Car Keys and Steering

In some car nail selfie cases, IGers take this as the perfect opportunity to show off their luxury cars. Keys in hand, check! Car badges visible, check! Cute nails, check!

A Scenic Nailfie

Don’t like the interior of your car? Step outside and snap a scenic nail selfie instead.

Or a Basic Nailfie

Laying your fingers flat on the steering wheel is probably the most basic nail selfie you can take. It’s safe and gets straight to the point.

Match the Car

Does your mani match the car? Show it off!

Hold Your Coffee

Another great prop in the car is your cup of joe. Simply wrap your hand (softly) around the cup and snap that photo. Extra points for a pretty matching mug.

Nails and Shoes!!!

Matching nails and shoes? Yes, please! The internet is obsessed with aesthetically pleasing colors and matching pretty things. If you can manage to fit them both in the photo, do it. Your feed will thank you.

Now that you’ve mastered the art of taking car nail selfies, get out there and shoot! Remember to tag us for a repost and use #AGGNailfie ?

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