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Excited To Learn How To Finally Drive Manual.
Excited to learn how to finally drive manual. Photo: Kim S.
August 1, 2023
Learn to drive a manual transmission? No thanks. Learn in a Ford Bronco (and ride along in a Ford Mustang…
Learn To Drive A Stick Shift
June 28, 2023
Dream of learning to drive a stick shift but don't know where to start? These fun, affordable manual transmission cars…
Learn To Drive A Stick Shift
May 29, 2023
Preparation is the key to everything, right? These easy steps will make you feel calm, confident, and ready to learn…
2023 Nissan Z Featured Image.
2023 Nissan Z Featured Image.
May 1, 2023
Have you found yourself bored by the daily transportation grind? Allow us to propose a change of pace. Consider a…
Driving Stick Shift Easy
Doesn't she look happy? Kim JUST learned to drive the Mazda MX 5 stick shift. Photo: Scotty Reiss
February 2, 2023
It's easy to share the fun: teach your bestie to drive a stick with no shouting, no swearing and no…
Learn To Drive A Stick Shift
January 24, 2023
Sure it's more fun, but there are some very serious reasons to learn to drive a stick shift too. Here…
2022 Volkswagen Golf R In North Carolina. Photo By Scotty Reiss
2022 Volkswagen Golf R in North Carolina. Photo by Scotty Reiss
December 3, 2022
All the Golf you want and none of what you don't in Volkswagen's 2022 Golf R and GTI models. Also,…
Me With The 2022 Honda Civic Si Featured Image
December 2, 2022
The redesigned Honda Civic Si adds a new look and feel, and in the the Si edition, a manual transmission…
Toyota Gr 86 Featured Image
May 12, 2022
With its affordable price - $30k or under - great drive experience and elegant shape, this is the sports car…