Super Bowl Car Ads: Let the Real Games Begin

Super Bowl Car
The singing sheep who star in Honda's Super Bowl ad.

Whether you are an ardent football fan or not really interested in the game, you will likely be home, at a party or at a bar, watching the big game this weekend. Or, at least, watching the car ads. For weeks, even months, after the Super Bowl is over, people still talk about their favorite commercials, so car companies really pull out all the stops for the big game.

Hyundai has a cute ad about its remote start, and even pokes fun at vegan bears in Hyundai Chase:

Honda’s ad for its new Ridgeline truck features singing sheep, and introduces the in-bed audio system:

Dogs in Super Bowl commercials are just as prevalent as cars, so Buick combines them in a cute spot; dogs ‘talk’ to each other about the Buick that one is riding in:

Kia’s ad doesn’t show the Optima, but it does demonstrate the car manufacturer’s wicked sense of humor:

Acura celebrates the next generation NSX, the only supercar made in America, to the tune of Van Halen’s Runnin’ with the Devil:

Harvey Kietel helps Mini defy stereotypes in its spot:

Toyota introduces the 2016 Prius with “Heck on Wheels,” showcasing the performance and safety of the hybrid.

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