How To Save Up To $2,000 this Summer: Costco’s Auto Program Launches New Chevrolet and Volvo Incentives

Buying A Car At Costco

Known for its amazing food court and items in bulk, Costco is a value shopper’s go-to — even when it comes to cars.

Their reputation for competitive prices doesn’t stop at their pizza slices. This summer, from now until August 2, 2021, Costco’s Auto Program offers their members special savings on specific models. With Chevrolet and Volvo, members can save up to $2,000 on cars like the Chevrolet’s Bolt EV or Volvo’s XC60. 

A little extra cash in your budget will go a long way to help fund that family vacation or other summer plans in the works. 

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Just How Does The Costco Auto Program Work — And Is It Worth It? 

There are no Costco car lots – not yet anyway. Instead, Costco partners with local dealerships to set competitive prices through their Costco Auto Program. To use Costco Auto Program, all you have to do is purchase a yearly membership at the store. At roughly $60 annually, the membership pays for itself in the long run. Especially if you choose to purchase a vehicle through Costco — not to mention the bulk deals on toilet paper. 

No haggling is involved and Costco often partners with manufacturers to grab special pricing on vehicles. 

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2021 Chevrolet Silverado Duramax

The Chevrolet Silverado is gorgeous. Photo: Elizabeth Blackstock

Costco Chevrolet Incentive Details – How Does It Work? 

Costco has a thriving relationship with Chevrolet. The Silverado ranked number one in most requested by Costco members and the Bolt EV became the most purchased electric vehicle in their program. This summer, Costco members can save up to $2,000 with a choice between several models: 

  • $1,000 on the 2021 Tahoe, Suburban, Silverado 1500, Silverado 2500 and Silverado 3500 
  • $1,000 on 2022 Bolt EUV and Bolt EV 
  • $3,000 on a 2020 and 2021 Bolt EV 
Volvo Xc40 Buying A Car At Costco

The Volvo XC40 is a great crossover when you need a bit of space and functionality. Photo: Volvo

Summer of 2021 Costco Volvo Incentive Details – Does Costco Have Luxury Cars? 

You might not automatically think luxury when you think of Costco, but they are out to prove you wrong. The Costco Auto program has seen a rising demand in luxury cars. A decent portion of cars at Costco, 18.5% of cars requested, land among luxury labels. Most requested by Costco members was Volvo. Now up until August 2, 2021, members can get a Volvo with special discounts applied. Plus manufacturer incentives for which they qualify, on select, new 2021 models:

  • $1,250 on XC60 
  • $2,000 on XC40 Recharge EV

Costco members can also save $300 on Polestar Engineered Optimization Software installation on eligible vehicles.

How to Take Advantage of Costco’s 2021 Summer Incentives 

Find a dealer which works directly with Costco. You can do this by visiting their site and typing in your zip code. Once you decide on a model and find a dealership, you are contacted by the dealership to take a test drive. Costco’s programs sets the price before you get behind the wheel and there should be no pressure to follow through on your purchase. Any incentives should be calculated into the final price. 

For step-by-step instructions, you can read this guide to car buying at Costco

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