Romancing the Road Trip: Couples and Cars

Fadra Nissan Murano
Aw, the memories of the Nissan Murano for Fadra and her husband.

Couples, cars, sometimes minivans, road trips and romance.

Road trips are in my blood: vacations with family, bouncing in the back of Dad’s pickup, with my five siblings, sans seatbelt and with a heat-soaking camper top our only protection. My parents loved to take time alone and “cruise around town,” leaving me, the oldest, babysitting. Flash forward to my blended family of four daughters, son-in-laws, and six grandchildren, and cruising with just me and my hubby is priceless. There’s something about packing up for a couple’s road trip that gets me all tingly, and puts adventure and romance on the radar.

Our first date was actually a road trip, on a motorcycle, but since then, we’ve put thousands of miles on both our Harleys and all three of our Fords. Now 11 years later, road trips give us an energy as a couple and take us both on adventures exploring our backyard and beyond. But I think the best part is the journey, jamming to our favorite music, talking about our kids and grandkids, and connecting again without (too many) distractions.

Pagosa Springs road trip: hot springs, hot air balloons and just the two of us

Last night I asked my husband what was his favorite road trip with me. He smiled and said, “Pagosa Springs.” Early fall in 2013, we had purchased a 2014 Ford Escape Titanium, and I swear the Escape was purring for a road trip. Pagosa Springs is just under a five hour drive (276 miles), the perfect mid-September weekend getaway. Zipping through the scenery-laden Rocky Mountains of Colorado, testing the Ford’s EcoBoost with the pedal to the floor…and laughing all the way. That’s when you realize how lucky you are to have your partner with you.

Road Trip Colorado

One of our stops on the road trip to Pagosa Springs, in Ouray, Colorado

Our drive to Pagosa Springs wound through the San Juan National Forest amid the majestic San Juan Mountains; then the journey moves right into an amazing destination. Here we soaked in its famous, Guinness World Record hot springs while the Pagosa sky filled with hot air balloons. We also climbed the ancient ruins of Chimney Rock and explored the small town.

Allow me to share with you a few other stories from our contributors.

An anniversary road trip with the top down

After work on a Friday afternoon, Carissa Roger’s husband drove up their driveway – in a rented white convertible Mustang. Like the Cheshire Cat. Not only did he surprise her with an extremely sexy car, but he had also secretly booked a weekend trip to Park City, Utah – all for their anniversary. Carissa says, “I can’t remember the hotel and I can’t remember for sure the restaurant that night, but I won’t forget how after dinner we drove for hours, under the stars with the top down!”

Mustang Carissa Rogers

Perhaps a future anniversary will have Carissa and her husband in a new convertible Ford Mustang?

Apparently road trips and romance are a winning combination for this couple as this crazy duo recently celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary.

Beach + rain + test drive = deposit on new car

In 2004, our intrepid, and then kidless, Fadra Nally and her husband  decided on a last minute Valentine’s Day weekend getaway. Want to find a great deal? Look to the beach! Because it was winter, the rates were unbelievably low, and they scored  a beautiful bed & breakfast in Conway, South Carolina, just outside of Myrtle Beach.

Although the accommodations were great, Fadra said, “It rained all weekend but we made the most of it. We ended up at a dealership, test drove a 2004 Nissan Murano, and put a deposit down on a custom ordered vehicle! In May, we finally took delivery. I’d say that was my best Valentine’s Day present yet!”

Fadra Nissan Murano

Aw, the memories of the Nissan Murano for Fadra and her husband.

It’s electric: the Cadillac ELR and romance

Our fearless leader Scotty Reiss recalls a romantic road trip with hubby to Winvian Resort, Morris, CTJust two hours outside NYC in the rolling and picturesque hills of Litchfield County, CT, this antique inn is surrounded by 18 unique ‘cottages’ that are really lush, exquisite guest houses filled with incredible pampering details. Like heated floors, a wood burning fireplace and a steam shower.

And the inn? Scotty recalls, “It’s like you’re the guest of a country duke; you dine in the main house, have cocktails and sit by the fire, go for a long walk or visit the organic farm across the street. It’s a world away that I’d relish getting to in a Cadillac ELR; swooping over the hills and dales of Connecticut quietly assisted by plug-in battery power. Sublime.”

2014 Cadillac Elr

It’s quick, fun, sassy — and it’s Electric, the 2014 Cadillac ELR

Midwest winter storm, Toyota and Romance

SBC editor Judy Antell says, “Many – many – moons ago, I was dating the man who I later married. We were seniors in college and worried about our future, so we broke up. But I had to drive to my internship and a storm was coming. Rob brought me his Toyota, which was newer than my Toyota, because he wanted me to be safe on the road. I parked the car in front of my apartment and it was snowed in under 3 feet of snow. By the time the snow melted, we were back together (and have been married for 28 years).”

Romance Toyota

Love and a Toyota for Judy Antell and her husband

Romancing the road trip, ah the memories!  What is your favorite road trip memory with your sweetheart? Share your favorite couples trip below! We’d love to hear about it!

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