Road Safety: Don’t Just Talk About Change

Road Safety
Make a stand for road safety. Car crashes are the #1 cause of death among young people.

Help Make Road Safety A Priority

I have a passion for road safety. And if you are a parent, you should too.

Car crashes are the #1 cause of death among young people. It’s a startling fact, and what angers me most is that most car crashes are preventable.

Yet, very little light is thrown on the #1 cause of death to our kids. Every single day in America alone, nearly 100 people lose their life to mostly avoidable road injuries.

Invitation to Make a Difference

Join us on August 17th in Los Angeles to learn what we can do about it.

Road Safety

Save the date, August 17, 2014, a Conversation about Road Safety

I started my blog Fix The Toaster as a way to try and do something about this fact. We run for cures and we protest to stop injustice, and yet we call crashes “accidents.” In Los Angeles, it’s awful the way newscasters talk about crashes: they refer to them as “inconveniences.”

But our roads are a war zone. Since 9/11 we have lost nearly half a million people to car crashes. Nearly 1 million people globally lose their lives every year.

As a part of the mom blog community and as an executive producer of the show Expressing Motherhood, I see moms talking about car seats and safety technology, but I don’t see them talking about tailgating, speeding and pledging to get off their phones while they drive.

So, in an effort to reach out to them, I will be holding an event in Hollywood on August 17th from 3-5PM that will focus on road safety.

Women Make A Stand

Road Safety

Lindsay Kavet is a proponent of road safety, creating awareness and change around the stunning number of deaths due to auto accidents.

Safety, yes. Fun? Got that too. We will have a bluegrass band, wine will be poured, and Uber will give away $20 gift cards for first time Uber clients. Jeri Lynch, mom of Conor Lynch and founder of the Conor Lynch Foundation will share her powerful story; her son was killed by a texting teenager while running cross country in Los Angeles (OK, not a fun story, but important, and moving).

Club Mom Me will be there, along Orchard FlatsAngel Cake PopsBeauty Mom Me, and Favored By, all helping to make this event fun, free and informative.

Because we need—and by we, I mean us, parents—to demand that something changes: We need to stop tailgating, stop speeding, stop using our phones while driving. We need to  make our neighborhoods safer for our kids to play in.

I have to re-iteriate, the #1 cause of death to young people is car crashes and they are mostly avoidable. There is no un-known cure. We have answers. We need to make the change. Come help us start the change (and have some fun, too).


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