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Lindsay Kavet is a Los Angeles-based director, producer, actress and blogger. Lindsay is a co-creator of the nationally acclaimed play Expressing Motherhood, and brings her passion to FixTheToaster.com, a site dedicated to creating awareness and change around the stunning number of deaths due to auto accidents.

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A Girls Guide To Cars | Highway Safety: Choosing The Safest Lane, And Other Tips For Staying Safe On The Road - Agirlsguidetocars Logotype Color Web Transparentbg 16X9 1
November 14, 2021
The last thing you want to be is the cause of a SigAlert, or worse, have someone you love hurt in a car accident. Here, our tips and strategies for highway safety.
A Girls Guide To Cars | Teen Drivers: What You Should Know When The Car Breaks Down - Teen Drivers
August 14, 2021
We tell our teens not to text and drive, speed,  or drink and drive. But have you told your teen what to do if there actually is an emergency?
2015 Kia Forte
June 2, 2015
I went to Scottsdale, Arizona, with my friend on a mom’s only trip. Adding a little adventure to it, we drove in a 2015 Kia Forte.
The 2014 Buick Enclave
December 9, 2014
The 2014 Buick Enclave converts a dedicated minivan driver; luxury, great safety features and ample room for 3 kids, all at a good value.
Road Safety
July 25, 2014
Help make road safety a priority. Come to event in Los Angeles August 17 to help made roads safer for our children.