The Rivian R2 Reveal, Plus a Surprise R3 & R3X Too!

It's a pivotal moment for Rivian: The company introduced a smaller Rivian R2 SUV, plus an even more affordable R3 and more off-road capable R3X are on the horizon. Now it's getting real.

Our First Look At The All New Rivian R2

A Smaller, More Affordable Rivian Is Now A Thing – And it Has Siblings!

The cat’s out of the bag. After a long wait for a smaller, more affordable SUV, Rivian unveiled its smaller R2 electric SUV, and it’s packing some serious potential.

And then, Rivian shocked onlookers as they casually debuted the even smaller R3 and its spicy sibling, the R3X.

Kicking it off with the Rivian R2, this new contender looks ready to take on the electric SUV market, promising a compelling mix of practicality, price, performance, and a healthy dose of off-road attitude. Fluttering those trademark oval headlights and that adorable hungry hungry hippos-esque front, the R2 may very well be the midsize, adventure SUV that everyone has been waiting for.


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The Need-to-Know About the Rivian R2, R3 and R3X

  • Range & Pep: Rivian’s R2 promises over 300 miles of range and a thrilling 0-60 mph of 3 seconds
  • Affordable…ish: The R2 has a $45,000 starting price point makes it a tempting proposition, significantly undercutting the Rivian R1S and R1T. Chief Designer, Jeff Hammoud, spoke of how they cut costs without compromising on quality. 
  • Accessories Galore: An easy to attach, powered bike rack that stores in the frunk, a pop up tent, a portable charger, flashlight, or hand warmer that hides in the door jam. And even whispers of a completely portable camp kitchen.
  • You asked, they listened: Rivian R1 owners missed having a glove box, so R2 has two!
  • Charging Game: The R2 comes with NACS (North American Charging Standard) baked in to the passenger rear side in a tiny charge port that’s much smaller than R1 ‘s big, powered port.
  • We don’t have many details on the R3 andR3X– such as price – but we do know the R3 will be a less expensive “hatchback” version of the R2, and the R3X will have even more off-road capabilty. Maybe the electric contender to the Jeep Wrangler?

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The Rivian R2 And R3

The Rivian R2 and R3. Photo: Liv Leigh

Form follows Function 

The R2 shines without compromise, featuring all the premium materials Rivian is known for. Muted wood trim encases the vehicle screens, brushed aluminum features catch the eye, and natural-looking, patterned textiles add to the rugged yet gorgeous aesthetics. Rivian promotes form after function and celebrates the opportunity to highlight design necessities with decorative embellishment like brightly-colored logo details across the vents for aerodynamics.

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Me With The R2'S Frunk

Me with the frunk in the R2. Photo: Liv Leigh

But, You’ll Have To Wait

The R2 marks a pivotal moment for Rivian. Deliveries begin in the first half of 2026, so those who want it will have to wait. But it could be the catalyst that propels the brand into mainstream appeal and success. It has the potential to lure in those put off by the pricier R1 models and entice those looking for a capable midsize SUV. And it kicks off a new, exciting platform packed with potential. 

Introducing the R3 dangles a tantalizing treat down the road for those of us dreaming of a compact, capable, off-road, SUV, and a promise of a adventure-focused offerings with an everyday twist.

If this compact electric SUV sparks your interest, reservations for the R2 are now open. 

The R2'S Cargo Area Has A Pull-Out Shelf For Tailgating

The cargo area in the R2 has a pull-out shelf for tailgating. Photo: Liv Leigh

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