Ride-On Cars for Big Kids – A (Little) Girls Guide to Cars

Best Ride On Cars For Girls

Your kids are past the Cozy Coupe stage, but not quite ready for go-karts and ATVs. They still like wheels and share their mom’s love for cars. Now what? I’m sure you’ve seen the motorized ride-on cars for big kids at your local department store, but they usually have just 2-3 options, and they probably don’t match your car. After finding so many fun ride-on cars for toddlers we decided to look into what was available for the bigger kids and WOW! What a selection.

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Motorized Cars For Kids

Well isn’t that just the sweetest thing! Photo by Karen Anne. Used with permission.

From EVs to Pickup Trucks, There’s Something for Everyone

When my boys were little they had a blue battery-operated Jeep that they loved to ride around the backyard. It wasn’t fancy, but it made a little noise, had a play radio and kept them busy for hours at a time. Fast forward ten years and these battery-operated ride-on toys have come a long way, both in design and function. I even saw some that can be remote controlled by the parent. Hello! (Also, how fun would that be?)

Ride-On Cars For Big Kids Jeep Boys

Photo by Erica Mueller

Here are a Few of Our Favorite Ride-On Cars for Big Kids

While I didn’t find a lot of everyday cars like the Toyota Camry or Chrysler Pacifica Minivan, I did find a lot of licensed luxury car brands, a few off-road SUVs and trucks, and I even found some Teslas for the kids of Model S owners and wanna be owners of the Cybertruck.
Benz Car
Landrover Discovery
Jeep Wrangler
VW Bug
Range Rover
Tesla Model S

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