An Open Letter to the Powerful Ford Mustang I Fell in Love With

Powerful Ford Mustang

Dear Ford Mustang: I never believed in love at first sight until I met you.

There I was in the rental car office just trying to get some kind of four door to get me through the weekend. Then, by luck of the draw, (or was it fate?), the salesperson asked if I’d like to meet the powerful Ford Mustang they had. I agreed. And the rest, as they say, is history.

I wasn’t looking for love when I found you. A powerful Ford Mustang was not on my list. I figured your kind of car just wasn’t for me.

I’m 40 years old and a mom of four. What could I do with a strapping, late model American made car? Turns out there’s a lot I can do.

I Learned That A Powerful Ford Mustang Wasn'T Made To Sit In A Suburban Driveway.

I learned that a Ford Mustang wasn’t made to sit in a suburban driveway. Photo: Maria Smith

I still remember when you were slowly driven to the front of the office. I turned around and it’s as if time started going in slow motion. The bright sun reflected off your gleaming hood. Every angle was sharp. Every curve exactly how it should be.

When I first heard the roar of your engine, I was hooked.

I knew from the start we’d only have one weekend together, but I also knew it would be one to remember.

Ford Mustang, I loved you before I even knew you.

As soon as I sank into the cockpit-like driver’s seat and felt the butter soft leather, it was like I was transformed. I thought muscle cars were for muscle heads, and not thinkers like me. However, I quickly learned that you were more than just your good looks.

The Interior Of The Powerful Ford Mustang Was Luxe, Soft, And Rich-Looking.

The rich, oh so soft leather interior was so lovely to sink into. Photo: Maria Smith

Your engine purred as I pulled out of the parking lot. Sure I was just going to Target, but you made me feel like a millionaire going to Target. You also have great storage space for a compact car so I can put lots of junk in your trunk. That’s just the way I like it.

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Driving a Ford Mustang gives you an automatic bid into the cool kids club.

Driving A Ford Mustang Is Like An Automatic Bid Into The Cool Kids Club.

Even my kids thought I was cool when they saw me with a Ford Mustang. Photo: Maria Smith

I know the stares I got as I drove down my suburban streets were all for you. I’m OK with that. With you next to me, I felt cool and hip.  Even my kids approved. When you’re rolling down the road in a powerful Ford Mustang, there’s a certain kind of awe that’s inspired. I could feel people thinking “who does she think she is?” when I was with you. And I replied in my head, “she’s awesome, that’s who.” You made me feel awesome.

Being with a powerful Ford Mustang helped me remember who I used to be.

The Interior Of The Ford Mustang Was Luxe, Soft, And Rich-Looking.

It was only 1 weekend, but we made the most of it. Photo: Maria Smith

You made me remember when I liked driving fast cars and taking risks. I only had myself to think about. Want to carpool? Sorry, I can’t. My Ford Mustang has a minuscule backseat. Need to fit a car seat? Think again. There’s no leg room. Instead, I just want to think about you and I cruising the main drag. I’d be leaning to the side and moving two miles an hour so everybody can see me. I wanted to show you off.

Alas, my Ford Mustang weekend affair had to end.

A Ford Mustang Isn'T Meant To Be Corralled. It Has Been Roaming Free Since 1964, Leaving A Trail Of Broken Hearts Behind.

I know you weren’t meant to be corralled, not ever. Photo: Maria Smith

We both knew it couldn’t last, because you were made to roam free. We come from two different places. You are sexy and strong and need to be the center of attention and you know you aren’t a family car. You weren’t meant to be tied down. It would kill you to have to have goldfish crunched into your leather and a stroller stored in your trunk. You don’t belong in the suburban garage of a family of six, or in a Target parking lot, or at the local Chick fil A. I have to let you go so some millennial can enjoy you the way you were meant to be enjoyed, living life in the fast lane.

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My fling with a Ford Mustang helped me appreciate my long-term relationship with a Honda Odyssey.

It Was A Brief Time That The Ford Mustang And I Had Together, But We Made The Most Out Of It.

I knew our time together would have to end. Photo: Maria Smith

Sure my Honda Odyssey isn’t as good looking, hip or head turning as you, Ford Mustang. However, our weekend together showed me that taking corners on two wheels is not my life anymore. My life now is about carpool and carnivals and swim meet competitions, and I like it that way.

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In Only A Weekend With My Ford Mustang, I Learned A Lot About The Kind Of Car Relationship I Need.

Photo: Maria Smith

Thank you for a wonderful weekend, powerful Ford Mustang. I’ll never forget the fun we had or the way you looked at me as your headlights were dimming. When I returned you to the rental car office on Sunday evening, I tried to be brave because I knew it was for the best.

One weekend was all we had together, but it was enough. I’ll remember it always.

With love,


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