Porsche Is Celebrating Driven Women This International Women’s Day

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Porsche is highlighting its powerful women this International Women’s Day.

The automotive industry still may not be totally equal, but more and more women have been asserting their right to design, build, and market any kind of car you can imagine—and Porsche’s employees are no exception. Today, the company has opted to shine the spotlight on a few of the incredible women that work at the company while also giving other powerful women (and their mentors) an unforgettable 90-minute experience at the Porsche Centers in Atlanta and Los Angeles.

That driving experience is the first time both Porsche centers have collaborated to celebrate this international holiday.

“This celebratory event was designed to create a rewarding experience that empowers women to celebrate their success with those who guided their trajectory,” said Ayesha Coker, Director of Experiential Marketing at Porsche Cars North America, Inc. It’s especially crucial since both of the American-based Porsche Experience Centers are run by women. “We’re honored to host these inspiring women at our first International Women’s Day event.”

Sixty different guests were invited to take part in the program, and each woman was asked to bring a female mentor who inspired her during her career. These women had the chance to drive the Porsche Taycan Turbo, the Taycan Turbo S, and the 911 Carrera S—some seriously exciting models.

That in and of itself is a great way to celebrate the women who have used their motivation to pursue the peak of their career paths.

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But Porsche Is Celebrating Its Own Employees, Too

A great two-minute film introduces viewers to a whole selection of female Porsche employees who share a bit of their motivation and what makes Porsche, specifically, such a great automaker to work for. And so many of the selected quotes shared here are incredible. One woman notes that being a woman in a male-dominated environment is empowering, which has proved to be the case for so many successful women. That added challenge of breaking down traditional barriers can make for an incredibly exciting career path.

“For me personally, I wanted to watch my son grow up and to set a good example for him of women in the workplace and women really succeeding,” Ashley Massengale, assistant general counsel, notes. And that quote really shows how important it is for women to hold leadership positions. Yes, it’s a great example for their daughters—but it also reminds their sons that the world of opportunity is not limited to one gender.

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Porsche International Women'S Day

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What Drives You?

All of us here at A Girls Guide to Cars are driven by the the desire to make the automotive world accessible to everyone—especially all the women out there who are influencing the vast majority of car purchases across the globe. Women have been tragically underrepresented in the car community, which means they’re not given the tools they need. We’re here to make sure that women have all the tools they need to make educated decisions and wield their purchasing power with pride.

But we want to know—what drives you and the women in your life?

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